Volume 11, Issue 12 | December 2022


During the winter we are invited, more so than other season, to go within. And, within is where stillness resides, restfulness, peace, and tranquility. It is where Spirit and Love live.

And, for me, it is so especially during the holiday season. While the Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa are about celebration and the outer light, they are also about taking the time to contemplate the inner light.

Whatever your outer circumstances are this December, I pray that you will find peace, love, and joy within.


As you probably know, I love music—it nourishes my soul more than anything else, I think. I easily get immersed in the holiday season with the vast bounty of musical offerings.

When it comes to peace and tranquility, for me, the song "Silent Night" is one that goes straight to my heart. Listen to Pentatonix's simple, beautiful a cappella version below.

"Silent Night," Pentatonix

For a more elaborate and gorgeous version, listen to this recent collaboration of Pentatonix with the British a cappella group, The King's Singers.


Inspiration and Contemplation

I Find the Stillness Within

The more I allow myself to be still,

the more I feel the love that lives in me.

I love the love inside me!

Sometimes I need to stop and just be. With practice, I get better at quieting the inner chatter and finding stillness within. In the stillness, I can rest in the midst of Divine Love. I can merge with all creation. And I can find peace. Today, I allow time for restful stillness. I allow time to be the Love that I am. And I reap the rewards.

I find the stillness within, where Love dwells.

—From “Everyday Joy, 365 days of ohmygod life,” by Z Egloff and Melissa Phillippe, November 29


The Birth in Our Consciousness

…we realize that we are celebrating this month not just the birth of a traditional figure, not just the thought of the greatest man to grace this world with his presence, but the birth into the human consciousness, into each one of us.

It’s the birth of something transcendent and immediate and effective and available—the Law of Good, the Divine Presence, the Universe revealing Itself to us directly, personally, intimately. There is nothing that can hinder us but ourselves.

It seems to me, then, we should think of this birth in our consciousness as the realization of love, of truth, of beauty, of peace, of power, so that each will be an influence for good to everyone else.

—Excerpt from “How to Celebrate Christmas,” by Ernest Holmes, written for the December 1958 Science of Mind magazine.

People Making a Difference

Santa Using ASL Brings Holiday Cheer to Deaf Communities

Santa Charles is one of the country’s few deaf Santa Clauses. His real name is Charles Graves and when he’s not the man in red, he is a residential counselor at the Texas School for the Deaf where he’s helped kids like him for more than two decades.

“There are a lot of hearing Santas out there,” Graves said. “And for that child to be able to look up to somebody who’s like them… that’s why I do this.”



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I was a devout atheist until 32 years ago when I "came to believe" in a Power greater than myself. Thanks to hearing the novel idea (well, at least it was to me!) that one could choose their own concept of God—and name too (Spirit, The Great Mystery, All That Is, etc.)—and the workings of synchronicity, I embarked on a new way of thinking, a new way of living, a new way of being in the world and with others. It impacted all aspects of my life and relationships.

Since that time of commencing my conscious spiritual journey, I have endeavored to remember The Presence in all that is, all whom I meet, and all that I do—including working with clients in my own business, academia, and the corporate world. I strive to be of service and to nurture the human spirit in all environments.