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A Different Kind Of Retreat !
Quilt Camp At Cedar Lakes!

"Raggedy" Ruth teaches and speaks at a variety of events. She has been selected to teach two 2-day classes at the Quilt Camp At Cedar Lakes. One session is on the Striated Star. The second is on the Quilt of Many Colors. These will be given at the Quilt Camp At Cedar Lakes which is a special type of retreat.

A Special Retreat

This special retreat is being put on by Linda Miller of "That's Sew Special" and Peg Bingham of "Peg's Patches". It is a special retreat where you retreat into the country-side, see old friends, make new friends and feel that calming "vibe" that comes from country quilting in an inexpensive, well-cared-for environment.

It is called "Quilt Camp At Cedar Lakes". Appropriately, it is located at Cedar Lakes Convention Center in rural Ripley, West Virginia. It is nestled in the rolling hills and valley where you can see deer, trees changing colors, and piece in peace. This is a place where you can close your eyes and see why John Denver sang "Country Roads."

There is enough to do there that even husbands who don't quilt can come along.

How It Started

Peg & Zapora ~2007 
The camp idea was originally the heartthrob of Zapora Hughes. She was a NQA Certified Judge and Certified Teacher as well as a shop owner. The NQA encouraged her share her knowledge as an outreach. Thus an Educational Seminar was born.

In 1984 Zapora had 200 quilters from 20 states meet at Cedar Lakes. Ever since then the quilters return to stitch, sew, and learn, as well as greet new and old friends.

Peg Bingham became the second director. She moved some of the information delivery to the web and gave the camp the name it now has. Linda Miller is the third director and is continuing the legacy in fine tradition.

There Is A Lot Of Information Available For The Retreat

There is a lot of well-organized information on the web regarding the Quilt Camp At Cedar Lakes. The retreat is organized around classes. This year there are 37 classes scheduled. They range the full gamut of types of piecing, quilting, machine quilting and skill levels. Classes are either two days [Monday & Tuesday or Wednesday & Thursday], or four days [Monday through Thursday]. There is even a two day session to allow you to just work independently.

The Instructors   - The classes are led by a teaching staff of 19 instructors
 Our "Raggedy" Ruth is scheduled for two, two-day classes.
2017 Instructors
Web-Page On Classes - From the web-page on classes you can get a quick overview of all of the class projects on one web-page. There you can see the class number, title, instructor, and project picture succinctly.

From there, you can dive deeper by "drilling down" to the "Class Details" page on any of the class projects by simply clicking on the project. The "Class Details" page gives even more information on the class and the instructor.

To get all of the information possible, click on the "SUPPLY LIST" push-button that is at the top right-hand corner of the "Class Details" page. The "Class Supply List" repeats the summary information, but includes supplies required, pre-class cutting instructions, and any incidentals required for the class. This information is in a PDF format which allows you to easily print and save the information to your computer, tablet, or phone.

At the top of the web-page on classes there are two buttons: Registration Information and Complete Class List as well as additional slide shows of classes.

The Complete Class List
is a PDF of the main points of each class as well as overview explanations. This gives a good overview of all of the classes. Again, being a PDF it is easily printable and can be saved to your computer or device.

The Registration Information
page provides a listing of how to enroll and secure lodging. These are two separate applications. One application:is the Quilt Camp Class Registration [which is to be completed and returned to Linda Miller at That's Sew Special] The Meals & Lodging Registration Form is to be completed and returned to the Cedar Lakes Conference Center. Both are in one PDF format for ease in printing and saving for future reference. 

The Itinerary -
The web-site also has the itinerary for your perusal. This shows you everything that is scheduled, including free time. For your information. The workshops are open 24 hours a day for you fetish convenience.

Well Planned -
As you can see, there is a lot of planning that goes into an event like this. Linda and Peg have accomplished a lot!

What was surprising to me was the consideration for the quilters that goes into it. In addition to the itinerary, food and lodging [which I shall visit later]. For example, they plan for breakfast on Friday morning so that campers don't have to drive in the dark, a shop-hop, and the availability of a chapel for quiet time, in addition to the surrounding environment. 
Cedar Lakes Conference Center Layout
Reasonably Priced

The Classes -
The camp will be held on October 14 to 19, 2018. Signups will start on April 6, 2018. Once the signup form is downloaded, it is submitted via the US Postal Service on or after April 6. There are two sign-ups: one for the camp and one for the lodging and food services.

The fee for the Quilt Camp is $200 for the full four days of camping or $100 for a single two-day session. There is an additional non-refundable $40.00 application fee. That is an incredible value! $240 for a week with an instructor!

The Lodging -
Reasonably priced lodging and food has been arranged for campers at the Cedar Lakes Conference Center. The range of accommodations starts with private rooms and extends in increments to the less expensive [so you can buy more fabric] dormitory rooms housing up to eight campers with a connected bath. The lodging prices per night range:

  • From $79.50 to $94.34 for private room [doubles are half that]
  • $39.75 for a full service dorm room
  • From $19.08 to $34.45 for dormitory style where you supply the linens, etc.
The lodging registration form lists all of the combination and variations to fit your individual needs.
The Food - The meals are also reasonably charged and are listed on the lodging registration form:

  • Breakfast - $6.63
  • Lunch - $8.22
  • Dinner - $9.54
Incidentals - such as Pattern Fees and Kit costs vary by class from nothing to something, so check out each class. For example, the "Pattern Fee" for both of "Raggedy Ruth's" classes include the pattern and any specialty tool and yet are different amounts - so check each class in which you are interested.    
The Whole Ball Of Wax - For the five night and four days of quilting and food, the cost will range from $449.13 for a dorm room to $840.43 for the nicest private accommodation! That doesn't count less expensive options like only one two-day session, nor does it include incidental costs that vary by class, such as the Pattern Fee, Kit Fees, etc.

Any way you look at it - That's a great value!

We'll see you there! Sew, stop by and say "Hi!" 
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