I’m not known for being the best cook. That being said, I am known for making pretty good soup. I tend to find recipes I like, and then repeat them (maybe more times than I should…). On Sunday I looked through a cookbook, found a new recipe that was a little different, spent 45 minutes happily chopping ingredients, and getting everything into a crockpot. When we returned from our walk it smelled wonderful. All was well, until I tasted it. I had my sweetie write “yuck” on the page in the cookbook, and then tried to figure out if it could be salvaged... I began by adding things from the fridge (leftover pizza sauce, leftover refried beans - I figured you smash the beans in some recipes to make a soup thicker…), and then moved to the pantry. After two cans of kidney beans, a can of chopped tomatoes, a can of tomato paste, and lots of basil I had fifteen servings in my ten serving crockpot! All I could think was how proud my grandmother would be - I used up every leftover, and we ate the soup for an entire week!

I hope your cooking adventures this week are more successful than mine - there’s more time for stitching if you get it right the first time!
Mary Beth
I’m sewing like crazy to prepare for all the club, and block of the month packets that will be available by Saturday! You will find our next Saturday Sampler Applique, Bliss, and Halloween Figs installments ready, as well as our QC Christmas Club (if you weren’t able to stop in for it earlier in the week). Don’t forget to bring your finished applique blocks in order to pick up the next kit free (although the kit for the three petite blocks is quite a deal, even if you do have to pay $5.00!). I hope you are enjoying the projects - they certainly are keeping me busy!
I just realized I forgot to mention there is another letter here for those working on the My Favorite Color is Moda sampler (look for these early in the month as we go through the year).
You may want to visit this Saturday (even if you are not picking up program packets) as we celebrate National Quilt Day, and the first day of spring! Spring patterns, and new fabrics will be front and center, and we’ve created a wonderful door prize basket you could win. There is even a coupon in your 2021 QC date book for Saturday. Know that things will be in place all day - consider heading our way later in the day when we might not be as crowded...
I managed to squeeze 65 colorful new Kaffe bolts into our display last week. Boy was I surprised on Tuesday to check in 17 more! (shipments continue to be rather erratic - we are now receiving fabrics ordered for January, February and March!). This time the boxes contained every color of the iconic Kaffe Paperweight print. The design reminds me of the millefiori paperweights that were in my grandmother's collection. I loved the little bits of color and pattern formed by the tiny pieces of glass, and am just as enamored with the color and pattern on these fabrics. I’m currently cutting into a vibrant turquoise piece that I am using with the yellow green paperweight print. I expect the finished piece to sparkle! Do take a look at these soon - they are going quickly, even though they are still on the floor at the end of the counter! 
Fabric $12.20 per yard
More cute kittie prints also arrived this week. I swear I’ve ordered dog prints, too… This time the adorable little black and white cats share space with hearts in orange or teal. The coordinates feature just the petite hearts. They look great with solids - so much pizzaz from just a few bolts!
Fabric $12.30 per yard
If you, or someone you know, is searching for a good sewing machine, we might have just the thing. At the moment we have a Featherweight for sale, and two refurbished Pfaff machines. The Featherweight stitches beautifully (but is not the best looking one we have had…). The refurbished Pfaffs are German made machines - quality mechanical machines like nothing you can buy new today! Definitely worth a look!
Please note ~ Our shop hours are currently 10:00am-4:00pm, Monday through Saturday. All state and federal guidelines are being followed - a mask is required to shop inside, hand sanitizer is provided just inside the door, social distancing rules are being followed, and there is not a restroom available. All in all - we are glad to operate with these restrictions in order to welcome you into the shop.
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