My youngest texts me in the same way she would ask questions if she were in the next room. I often return to my office to find, “Mom, Mom, Mom…” When I responded the other day she said, “Never mind I found out what I needed to know”. Of course, I couldn’t leave it at that, but had to ask... She was standing in a fabric store and needed to know how much fabric it would take to make a wrap skirt. Well, she actually needed to know how much fabric it would take to make eight wrap skirts. As it turns out, the store (only two blocks from campus) offers inexpensive fabric, perfect for costumes. She bought the entire bolt (of course she did…) and spent all night making skirts. She may be one of the few students pulling an “all nighter” over a sewing machine!

Wishing you interesting projects this week, that don’t need to be done by the time the curtain goes up!

Happy stitching
Mary Beth 
This Saturday, March 27th, you will find packets for our pieced Saturday Sampler and Simple Whatnots Club ready for pickup. There is currently a small display of the new Kim Diehl Whatnots piece at the front of the shop - an “in progress” sample to show some of the different techniques I used to make the charming new design, Midnight. Those in this Saturday's session of our pieced Saturday Sampler will find the next block kit in the Bright Hopes quilt in their packet. It seems hard to believe, but I think you are going to like this block even better than the last one! Don’t forget to bring your pieces from last month to share - we love seeing them!
PB & J Day
Friday, April 2nd

You are probably wondering about this one… Several years back we realized marking this day would help the Finleyville Food Pantry. While relatively small, this independent pantry serves an amazing number of people in our community. On the second (and third, as this is Easter weekend when you really will need to squeeze the visit into your plans) we will trade you a peanut butter or jelly colored fat quarter for a donation of peanut butter and/or jelly for the pantry. A good deal for you, and for others - how can you go wrong?!

Oh my, all the whites I ordered for the beginning of the year have arrived this week (yup, those for January, February, March…!).
Modern shirtings arrived today from Studio 37. The collection, Happy Thoughts, is the work of Sarah J. She calls the print we received in yellow, aqua, pink and several multicolor versions tipsy square. I think they look like itty bitty sprinkles on white and ivory backgrounds. These are the perfect addition to any project - they work great with everything from Kaffe prints to those in our baby section! You are going to want a bit of every piece! Fabric $11.50 per yard
The entire Moda Whispers group also came in this week. The collection of white on white, white on ivory, and white on pale gray prints includes both traditional and contemporary designs. You will find petite flowers, dots and wavy lines - perfect for adding a bit of interest to the background of your next piece! Fabric $11.99 per yard (there are pre-cuts for this group, too!)
New Villa Rosa patterns have spilled from their shipping box, as well. The postcard sized patterns include all the information you need to make some fun quilts. The front of each card contains a color photo of the project, the back directions and a color illustration of the project. I snagged Baby Cakes and Sangria as they came out of the box. Baby Cakes will allow you to turn just a few Layer Cake squares, background and setting fabric into a 42” x 53” quilt. Their intent is a baby quilt, but it would also be a striking throw. Sangria makes use of a set of coordinated fat quarters. The cover shot features Kaffe prints - you know we have plenty of these in stock! You begin by cutting strips, then you pair them in sets and continue stitching. This bold contemporary work finishes 58” x 60”. I can think of lots of people to make this one for!
Patterns $2.00 each
Books are also arriving at a brisk pace ( to say the least!). A Quilters Guide to Solids, new form Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, includes patterns for five quilts made from solids (and that doesn’t include the one they detail on the back cover), but more importantly it shares their ideas for how and why to use solids. They begin by pointing out that solids are timeless, budget friendly and provide endless possibilities. They next cover purchasing quality solids and building a palette with solids. The quilts they use to share tips about contrast, and color variation come next. The quilts are bold, contemporary and striking. This booklet is worth a look when you next visit. Booklet $18.00
If you are interested in joining the team at the shop, please let us know. There may be an open position you would enjoy. While we work very hard, we get to do that work surrounded by wonderful people and gorgeous fabric!
Please note ~ Our shop hours are currently 10:00am-4:00pm, Monday through Saturday. All state and federal guidelines are being followed - a mask is required to shop inside, hand sanitizer is provided just inside the door, social distancing rules are being followed, and there is not a restroom available. All in all - we are glad to operate with these restrictions in order to welcome you into the shop.
Quilters Corner 
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