Figuring out what makes this producer one of the best in the Loire is very easy: the family has been making wine for 500 years. Their expertise has even been trusted by Kings. In 1698, C├ęsar Mellot was entrusted with advising King Louis XIV on his choice of wines. I'd hate to see that end badly...

So the family has the pedigree, but what about the Quincy appellation? Next to Chateauneuf Du Pape, Quincy is the second oldest AOC in France. Being in the Loire Valley, Quincy often gets over looked due to the popularity of Sancerre. Both regions produce very similar wines. In my opinion, the Quincy wines have a more floral nose, which can be from the ability to ripen quickly in the light reflecting sandy soil that is common in the Quincy region.
On the nose of this, you will find grapefruit, fresh cut flowers, and hints of mineral. It is crisp, clean, and brilliant on the palate with flavors of citrus and lime followed by a zesty finish. It is classic Sancerre and as with all classic Sancerre, it should be consumed fresh and young, even though it does have the ability to take on a couple of years of bottle age. I have always felt wines of this style are best enjoyed young.
This juice is even more enjoyable with seafood and cream based pasta dishes.

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Mike Good
Timeless Wines

Domaine Jean-Michel Sorbe 
 Quincy Sauvignon Blanc 2019


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