"If there is one winery Quintarelli reminds me of it is Coche-Dury, as the estate inhabits a universe all on its own." Antonio Galloni

"Once readers acquire a taste for these heady wines there is no turning back. It's as simple as that." Antonio Galloni

We are pleased to offer the latest releases from the Quintarelli cellars: 2011 Valpolicella and Amarone, 2007 Amarone Riserva and 2007 Recioto - along with additional stocks of the insider's buy 2008 Rosso del Bepe and cult cabernet Alzero.

As Antonio Galloni states, Quintarelli's wines are " hypnotic, life-changing wines" that simply "have no peers".  
Please let us know if you are interested in any of these remarkable, singular wines.
2011 Valpolicella Superiore
5 cases (6x75cl) - £280 per case

2011 Amarone
5 cases (6x75cl) - £1085 per case
4 magnums (1x150cl) - £435 per magnum
2007 Amarone Riserva 
2 cases (6x75cl) - £2090 per case
3 magnums (1x150cl) - £895 per magnum
Quintarelli's Amarone Riserva can be especially memorable. Unfortunately, it is made sparingly, for example only three years out of ten in the '90s decade (in 1990, 1995, and 2000). It is only made in the best years from the best grapes, and ages ten years in oak instead of eight
Antonio Galloni
2008 Rosso del Bepi
6 cases (6x75cl) - £480 per case
9 magnums (1x150cl) - £202 per magnum
In 2008, Quintarelli did not bottle Amarone, but instead chose to declassify the juice into Rosso del Bepi. Fragrant and expressive, with a good deal of aromatic nuance, the Rosso is a terrific choice for readers who want to explore the Quintarelli style, without splurging for one of the flagship Amarones. 2017-2027.
93 Antonio Galloni

2008 Alzero Cabernet, Quintarelli
5 cases (6x75cl) - £1270 per case
9 magnums (1x150cl) - £550 per magnum
2007 Amabile del Cerè
 2 cases (12x37.5cl) - £1350 per case
2007 Recioto
  6 cases (6x75cl) - £975 per case
2 cases (12x37.5cl) - £995 per case

"Quintarelli Amarone's are benchmarks for the denomination" Antonio Galloni
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Wines available March 2019
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