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Quintax Newsletter November 2017
New Quintax Manuals Published!

We are delighted to announce the publication of 2 newly revised Quintax Manuals: the Quintax User Guide and the Quintax Interpretation Guide.  These are vital supports for Quintax Users, and may be of interest to other readers.

The new 216 page Quintax User Guide includes:
  • An introduction to the six Quintax factors:  Extraversion, Criticality, Organisation, Intellectual Focus, Emotional Involvement, and Social Desirability; with a description of how Quintax was developed.
  • Guidance for administration, on-line, off-line, remote, and face-to-face.  Heritage instructions also included for paper users.
  • A rich collection of psychometric data regarding norms, reliability, and validity - with fully updated content to include the range of construct and criterion-related validation studies completed since Quintax was devised.
  • Guidance on feedback (oral and written, whether exploratory or confirmatory).
  • Use of Quintax in selection (with tools such as the Quintax Analytics Report).
  • Quintax as a development tool with sample exercises, workshop designs utilising the Quintax Temperament Model, along with Quintax Type Tables from a wide range of organisations and industries.
  • Descriptions of the range of reports available via the Quintax assessment website.

Although originally a part of the User Guide the newly separated and fully updated Quintax Interpretation Guide provides a 158 page support on the use of the measure in direct assessment and feedback.  Among other things it contains:
  • Detailed interpretations of the key Quintax factors.
  • Help with the underlying implications of different score positions, and suggestions for how to describe and explore these in feedback.
  • An examination of the Quintax Type approach in the context of other ways of looking at Type.
  • A fuller description of the Quintax Temperament Model, with a summary table of issues that can be explored with respondents in feedback including preferred approaches, potential difficulties, and suggestions for handling these.
  • A fully updated set of the 32 Quintax Type Descriptions for use as a reference or for further discussion in feedback.
  • Tables of short Quintax type descriptions for quick reference purposes.


Offer to Existing Quintax Users

The manuals are available free on request to existing Quintax Users making any order for Quintax units between now and February 28th 2018.  Delegates who join our Quintax Qualifying courses receive them as part of their course materials.  The manuals can be purchased for £25 each, or £45 for the pair, plus p+p.  Contact us via email or phone at 0161 877 3277 to order.  If you are not an existing Quintax User,    click here to see how to access Quintax, including training options, or see below for a brief description.    

Try Quintax Now!

If you are not already a Quintax User, you can try it free by visiting this website where you can register using the sponsor code FREETRIAL to obtain an automated invitation to complete the questionnaire. Do it yourself or ask a colleague, and we will send you your Quintax Profile Chart and Type Report in pdf format.  

You will also be able to choose one other free report  from: Learning Style, Innovation and Change, Managerial and Professional Impact, Team Role, Leadership, or Analytics.  

See the range of applications possible with Quintax - complete it today!

Quintax: Discounts on Accreditation Courses!
Forthcoming Quintax and British Psychological Society Accreditation Options 

First of all, you may not need to train to train for accreditation! 

For example, if you are TUP qualified with the BPS, or an established user of a BPS Registered personality questionnaire, you can purchase a Quintax Starter Pack from us immediately.  This contains the manuals mentioned above, and an on-line account with 100 units - sufficient to assess up to 5 people depending on reports chosen.  

The Quintax support website also provides video illustrations of feedback and account administration to help get you started.  Optional training is available (see below) for pre-qualified delegates who would like the stimulus of a day's training with an experienced Quintax User as a way to get going.

Training Offer: 15% off bookings on Spring 2018 Courses

Looking for rapid Quintax accreditation?  Why not book on our 
  • 2 day Quintax Course (for people without any psychometric training) or on our
  • 1 day Quintax Course (free optional training for people already qualified in using a personality questionnaire and purchasing a Quintax Starter Pack)  
  • Receive a 15% discount on our published prices by booking on our March 13th - 14th 2 day course (with 15% off the course fee) or on our March 13th 1 day course (with 15% off the required Starter Pack)!
Looking for accreditation via British Psychological Society routes?  Why not book on our
  • 3 day BPS Verified Test User Ability course and/or on our
  • 3 day BPS Verified Test User Personality Quintax course
  • Receive a 15% discount on our published prices by booking on our 24th - 26th April 2018 TUA course and/or our 13th - 15th March 2018 TUP course!
Our public courses are based in Manchester, but we run in-company options across the UK - in-company pricing on application. Details of our courses and prices are given on this page of our  Quintax support website.   

Quintax Bureau Service - How it Works!
With a recent surge in requests for Quintax assessments, we are often asked how our Bureau system works.  There isn't one answer to this question, as we design a process for each client that requests it.  While a face-to-face assessment and feedback may be more appropriate in very senior posts, the Bureau service is flexible enough to be used across a wide range of other managerial positions.  

For example, in selection the client typically briefs candidates in advance to expect an email invitation to complete Quintax by an agreed deadline - we provide guidance to new clients on this briefing so that candidates will understand the process and its purpose fully.  We manage the invitations and ma ke contact with candidates to arrange telephone feedback.  W hile not a specific subject for this piece, there is clearly an increasing role for FaceTime and Skype as devices for this type of feedback, as they complement the information obtained by voice-only communications.  

In each telephone feedback the candidate profile can be tested through discussion, and some evidence can be gathered about its implications for their workstyle.  Quintax Analytics may be called upon to assess how the candidate approached completion of the questionnaire, and whether there was anything unusual about this that merits exploration or comment during feedback.   A brief written report is produced on areas of fit/lack of fit to the job role for the interview panel to explore.  A short telephone feedback to the hiring manager is also arranged prior to interview when the candidate reports have been compiled.  Quintax system reports are supplied as required.     

Clients are charged for our time and for the Quintax units used.  We typically agree a standard time input per candidate feedback (e.g. 45 minutes) -  this is often enough to cover a brief feedback and some exploration.    We allow a short period after feedback for construction of the brief output report from notes, and up to half an hour is allowed for discussion of the group results with the hiring manager.  The time cost (usually set by agreement in advance) is added to the cost of  Quintax units.  Unit charges for a basic assessment with standard Profile Chart and Type Report outputs would add just over £30 + VAT to the per candidate price, but other reports (e.g. on Leadership, Innovation, etc) can be added if desired at prices from around £6 to £19 + VAT.  

With an experienced assessor in the feedback and reporting to client, the resulting charges have to be seen as pretty good value! 

A Bureau service used in development settings usually involves more time spent in feedback, greater use of post-feedback materials, and a wider range of reports.  The process therefore tends to be more costly.  As it is done in a different way, this has its impact on the price as well as the arrangements! 

So if you are contemplating using Quintax in selection or development, and would prefer to have this done by an outside independent agency, please contact us to discuss your needs on 0161 877 3277 or by email at this address.  

If you are a C.Psychol. or experienced TUP assessor who might be interested in delivering and/or marketing this service on our behalf please get in touch.

Can you be Logical, and Nice?
How far is there an overlap between Agreeableness and being 'Nice'?  Do you have to be Personable to be 'Nice', and aren't 'Nice' people known to be unsuccessful?  Check out our blog to see one point of view based on the Quintax scale of Criticality!  See:  Nice or Nasty? Is this all there is to Agreeableness?

Why Two Websites for Quintax?
Quintax has two websites: a Support Website and an Assessment Website!

Support Website for Information

Located at, the support website contains general information for Quintax Users, potential users, respondents, and the general public.  Also on the site there are Resource pages containing sample reports, and other downloadable information.  One of the Resource pages is only accessible to qualified Quintax Users.   This contains tools, useful documents, and video links regarding feedback and administration.    If you register on the website and you are qualified as a User, we will upgrade your membership to give you access to the extra page.

Assessment Website for Completing Quintax

The assessment website at is only open to invited respondents and qualified Quintax Users.  Both respondents and users are required to login with an Access Code or password before they can make use of the facilities of the site.  All delegates who complete Quintax qualification are automatically assigned an on-line account so they can visit the site, create folders for different groups of respondents, and begin to invite people to be assessed.  Invitations to respondents generated in this way always contain the appropriate web link and access code to enable a successful login.

Although linked to each other , it pays not to mix the two sites up!  The appropriate links are:


Contact Us for More Information!
Contact us now if you would like more information about adding Quintax to your assessment portfolio.  Along with the accreditation options above, we can offer packaged solutions - incorporating required training, website use and support - for companies wanting to introduce Quintax to their talent management function. Quintax can be used on a pay-as-you-go or an annual licence basis according to client need and preference.  Our Quintax Bureau Service is also available as an alternative to training and/or managing your own account. Whatever your starting point we have the right approach for your needs!  

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