Quiocho News
November 2020 - February 2021
Hello Everyone!

We pray all is well with you. If you had not heard, we have been in the United States since November 9, 2020. 
Costa Rica lifted their travel ban on November 1, 2020, when they did, we decided to take a mini furlough to visit our families over the Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year). Some of them we had not spent any Holidays with for many years. The continued lockdowns and difficulties traveling between towns and not being able to drive on certain days also influenced our decision to take a furlough.

As you will read, we took advantage of this trip not only for mental and physical rest and spiritual enrichment, but we visited some of our supporting churches and we have taken care of some business for One Another Missions, among other things.

Proverbs 16:9 The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.

As always it was God’s perfect timing that we departed Rio Frio when we did, because the week after we departed, Rio Frio became a COVID Red Zone. COVID spread rapidly because very few people went to the clinic even when presented with symptoms.

The reason people do not go to the clinic was, if they tested positive for COVID the health department would quarantine the whole household (meaning no one in or out of their house, for fourteen days) this would mean no working, which means no food on the table. Costa Rica has up to 359 intensive-care beds and 986 beds for less-complex coronavirus hospitalizations. (New York Times). There are 4.5 million people living in Costa Rica. So the strategy in Costa Rica is, recovery from COVID happens at home, even with strong symptoms. It is not until a person is in a "Critical" state do they admit them into a hospital.
Thankfully many of our families that were affected had other families helping them out and symptoms were not "Critical." The government is still giving out food supplies every month to all eligible families with students in school. 

Please read on and enjoy the pictures and more news below. We're in Houston for the next few weeks if any of you Houstonians are inclined for a visit!

NEWS FLASH!!! We have a new Web Site, keep reading for details on how to go to the link we provided!!

Blessing to you
Ted & Gracie
We flew into Huntsville Alabama where Gracie's sister lives and we drove to Hubert North Carolina one town away from the Marine Corps Base of Camp LeJeune. We spent a couple of weeks visiting with Gracie’s parents and Aunt who was visiting from Charlotte, NC. It was a blessing to be able to spend a lot of family time together and to be able to help around the house while we were there. Gracie and Maria were able to help take care of their mother to give their father a little break. We celebrated Thanksgiving with a pre-Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving dinner. Along the way we visited with friends and Ted even got to go on base and see how much has changed since he was stationed there in the early 80's. On the drive from North Carolina to Alabama we were able to make a pit stop in Atlanta, Georgia to see a cousin whom we had not seen in almost thirty six years.
Ted helping install new lights on the back patio
Good thing the lights worked the first time
l-r Gracie, Cousin Sabrina, Maria we met in Atlanta at a famous restaurant called The Varsity
Passing time playing Rummy
Gracie painting her Mother's nails
Celebrating Thanksgiving
We had to take a break from driving and take a picture as we entered into North Carolina
Ted had to take advantage of having a Grill available
We had dinner with Gracie's long time friend Klair
After our visit to North Carolina, we drove back to Huntsville, Alabama to spend Thanksgiving with Maria's family. We were also able to meet with friends, other missionaries, small groups and spend more time in family. We extended our original stay in Alabama a few extra days in order to be there while Gracie’s sister recovered from shoulder surgery.  
Gracie and Maria beading - making salvation bracelets after Marias surgery
Gracie and Niece Leslie Ana making cheese biscuits as part of Thanksgiving dinner
Gracie and Maria decorating the house for Christmas
Gracie dancing as the snow was coming down in Alabama
When Gracie visits her sister there is a small farm with two burros that she always has to stop and see.
Another grilling moment for Ted with brother in law Ron
For Christmas and the New Year, we were in Houston, Texas celebrating with our Daughters, our Grandson and Ted’s Parents and Sister. We were also able to spend some quality time with friends and visit a couple of churches.  Houston has become home base for most of our time in the USA. We are staying with our oldest daughter Alexandria helping her settle and make her rental house a home. It has been fun being able to baby sit our grandson Asher and just be in family as we have been able to gather together and share many meals and activities.

We are very thankful to our daughter Alexandria for letting us invade her house for the many weeks we have been in Houston. It has been a great blessing to spend this time with her.
Gracie and Ted
Our youngest Daughter Carmen and her son our grandson Asher
Our oldest daughter Alexandria holding her nephew Asher
Christmas Pictures - The ladies with Asher
The Men, 3 generations!
Which one is from this year?
One of our favorite activities, making home made pot stickers
Decorating Alexandria's first Christmas tree
Gracie made Ashers first Christmas Stocking
Making New Year Cookies
Asher after making his cookies
Queen Gracie and Princesses Alexandria and Carmen
Asher hanging with Riley one of Alexandria's dogs
Gracie and Asher enjoying the sun
Ted & Asher just chillin watching spider man multi verse
We actually had time to do a puzzle while we were here
Gracie even had time to bake a couple of New York Cheesecakes
Asher made Lolo (Grandfather) Ted do exercise in the driveway
In January we went to Arizona for a couple of weeks to present to two of our supporting churches. Ted was blessed to give the sermon on Sunday, January 10th at Desert Springs Bible Church and we were able to present at Shiloh Community Church on Sunday, January 17th. While in Arizona we were able to present to small groups and meet with some of our friends. We wish we could have seen more of you while we were there, but time just moves too fast.

A huge blessing happened while we were at Shiloh presenting. After our presentation second hour a gentleman came out of the sanctuary to talk with us. He wanted to let us know about a ministry he has helping people with water issues, (lack of water, dirty water and designing water systems). What made this especially awesome was that at our board meeting the evening before we had just prayed for how we were going to get clean drinking water into our new house and what could we do to help our community with the water problems. Pray with us that God continues to build this relationship and see where it leads in Rio Frio.
Pastor Caleb gave Ted the opportunity to give the Sermon at DSBC. watch it by clicking video to the right
Gracie's co worker when she worked at the hospital and long time friend Joani surprised us by coming to see us at DSBC with her husband
Joani and Gracie after 8 years of not seeing each other.
A picture one of our friends took while watching our presentation at Shiloh online. The reflection off her screen made it look like the blue curtains behind us were shimmering around us.
Pastors Jason and Joshua praying over us at Shiloh Community
We were blessed to stay at our friend Diane's house while we were in Phoenix.
Presenting at a small group in Phoenix
l-r Ted, Gracie, Diane, Guy
We held a board meeting hosted at Diane's house for One Another Missions, because five of the board members were in Phoenix at the same time.
l-r Ted, Gracie, Linda, Bob
We have been friends with Linda and Bob since the early 90's.
Bob serves with us in Rio Frio every year.
l-r Ted, Gracie, Suzanne, Jonathan
Jonathan is our newest board member and has served with many of our construction projects in Rio Frio over the last six years.
We are now back in Texas at least until mid March 2021.
In January we were given council by our Missions Board and many other people, to try and get one of the COVID vaccines prior to returning to Costa Rica. One of the main reasons is our underlying health conditions.
Since CR is a Socialist Country, and will more than likely make COVID vaccines mandatory for all citizens and residents (which we are) and we did not know what vaccine(s) Costa Rica was going to use, it makes more sense for us to try and get vaccinated in the USA.
(An article from costa-rica-guide.com  “Costa Rica will introduce policies for Covid 19 vaccinations of international visitors later in 2021. The timing will depend on how quickly the coronavirus vaccine becomes available but getting the jab before you visit is likely to be mandatory.” )
We have since learned from the Tico Times Newspaper in Costa Rica, that the government has purchased Pfizer vaccines and AstraZeneca from the UK, but not in sufficient quantities to vaccinate the whole country.
As of this newsletter Ted received his first injection of the Moderna vaccine and is due to receive the second injection at the end of February. We had been praying for Gracie to get an appointment for her vaccine. Thanks to one of our board members Bruce and his perseverance in looking at every possible way to get Gracie vaccinated, he started registering her everywhere possible within a few hundred miles of Houston. On February 11th he was able to secure an appointment for Gracie to receive the first of two COVID Moderna Vaccine injections February 12. If all goes well, we are hoping to be able to return home by March 15th!
A quick update on Gracie’ health. For those that don’t know, Gracie has rheumatoid arthritis and it started flaring up again. It is good that we are in Houston where the Rheumatologist that diagnosed Gracie in 2011 is located. God gave us a blessing by getting Gracie in to see the doctor. Originally there were no appointments available until April. There was a cancellation on February 3rd and they gave it to Gracie. During the visit, the doctor started Gracie back on chemotherapy with methotrexate in pill form instead of injections. She did have some side effects of a little nauseousness, a headache and fatigue but not as bad as in the past. 
We’re very thankful that neither of us have gotten sick in our time here in the states which is the norm when we travel to so many different cities.
The last five weeks have been extremely difficult emotionally and mentally as we’ve felt the strain of wanting to be home but mixed in all that we’ve also had immense peace being here. We know that God has given that peace to us because of the encouragement and support we have felt from many of you! We’ve been able to do many good things with our time here, like getting medical history established with new primary care physicians, and renewing all of our prescriptions, getting our eyes checked and buying new glasses for Gracie...hurray!
Enjoy some extra pictures from our trip.
Gracie went to a Tea House with our long time friend Keri
Thanks to technology Gracie was able to see and converse with our missionary friend Laura in France
Breakfast with our friends Chris and Paulla. Always a fun time!
Since we have been in the USA, Ted has been able to donate blood twice. Something he did before we became missionaries.
having Texas BBQ lunch with our long time friends Greg and April
On November 4, 2020 Gracie celebrated her 54th Birthday
We had an awesome breakfast made by one of our interns Hannah
Fun with our Grandson Asher
Our team in Rio Frio taking care of things while we are in the USA
Great News we have a Website
Since we’ve been in the USA, we have finally been able to have a website put up. 
Our thanks for the blessing from JP in Alabama who volunteered his services. 
It was amazing how fast he was able to get the site up with minimal input from us.
Here is the link www.oneanothermissions.org please visit our site and let us know what you think.
Prayer and Praise
Pray - for Gracie's and Ted's health, strength and endurance as we continue our trip in the USA

Pray/Praise - for the physical and spiritual health of our church family. / During our time in the USA we have been able to maintain connection with our families in Rio Frio, but some have had difficult times staying focused on the things of God.

Pray - for our community, jobs are scarce, even with government food supplies, people are still not working and that makes it hard to keep up with utility bills,

Pray - as we plan the reconfiguration of the missions house to have more classrooms and meeting areas for when we open church services. Pray for teams to be able to come and help with this.

Praise the Lord! Gracie and Ted were able to get their first Vaccine Injections prior to going home!

Praise - We are so thankful for having financial support from the USA. We thank all of you for the support through your prayers, counsel, friendship and gifts. We finished the year in good shape to continue serving in 2021.

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