January 31, 2017                                                           Vol. 201701
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Quonset Board of Directors Welcomes Two New Members
Wastewater Department Honored by U. S. EPA
QuonsetJobs.com Connects Job Seekers with Hiring Tenants
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Quonset Board of Directors 
Welcomes  Two New Members
Ellen Waxman and Job Toll

Job Toll and Ellen Waxman have been named to the Quonset Development Corporation's (QDC) Board of Directors. Both were selected to represent their home communities with Town Council Member Waxman representing North Kingstown and Toll representing Jamestown. 

"I lived in North Kingstown when I initially moved to Rhode Island in 1980 and it is an honor to serve my local community of Jamestown and the state as a member of the QDC Board of Directors," said Toll.  

Recently retired from Arkwright Advanced Coating, Inc. in Fiskeville, RI, Toll served as a Quality and Environmental Manager there. He also holds a master's degree in Organic Chemistry, adding "I look forward to continuing the great work that the Board and the QDC team has accomplished."

"North Kingstown is a vibrant community and we are proud of the relationship we have with the QDC team," said Waxman. 

In addition to her background in public service, Ms. Waxman owns Five Main, a boutique art gallery in Wickford that has represented 50 artists and photographers for nearly two decades. Elected to the North Kingstown Town Council in 2014, she received the highest vote count for re-election this past November. "I'm thrilled to be a part of this successful economic engine that is attracting talented workers to our wonderful town," she said.  "I appreciate the opportunity to look to the future together with the QDC team to promote prosperity for all of North Kingstown."

The QDC is governed by an 11 member Board of Directors. Commerce Secretary Stefan Pryor chairs the board, serving alongside six gubernatorial appointments, two individuals from North Kingstown, one individual from East Greenwich and one individual from Jamestown.

Waxman will assume the seat previously held by Carol Hueston of North Kingstown, while Toll will assume the seat previously held by Jim Rugh of Jamestown. Rugh served on the Board for six years and Hueston served on the QDC Board for two years. The QDC is extremely grateful for their years of service and commitment to the growth of Quonset and the Port of Davisville.

To learn more about the QDC board members, click here.

Quonset Wastewater Department Honored 
by U.S. EPA at Boston Event
Left to Right: Mark Spinale (EPA), Justin Pimpare ( EPA),
Dennis Colberg (QDC), & Bill Young (QDC)

The QDC's Wastewater Department (QDC) was recently honored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for their exemplary work at Quonset Business Park. Wastewater Superintendent Dennis Colberg and his staff received a 2016 Regional EPA Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Excellence Award on January 25th at the annual New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA) Awards Luncheon in Boston. The QDC was nominated by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management to recognize the exceptional work that has been performed over the years.

"This award is a testament to the hard work and exemplary skills of the entire Wastewater Department at Quonset," said Steven J. King, Managing Director of the QDC. "The QDC prides itself on delivering commercial utilities to meet every tenants demand. We also recognize the need to ensure these services are delivered in a safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner. This award reflects that commitment and we could not be prouder of Dennis and his team for their award winning work."

The Quonset Wastewater Collection System is comprised of 20 miles of gravity sewer lines and force mains, four pumping stations, and a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility. The system is completely separate from Quonset Business Park's storm water collection system. Quonset's Wastewater Treatment Facility also operates an Industrial Pretreatment Program in compliance with state and federal laws.

This program is beneficial to the environment as it works to prevent the introduction of pollutants that could interfere with the facility's operation, prevent pass-through of untreated pollutants that could violate water quality standards, and prevent contamination of and limit use and disposal of wastewater sludge. To learn more about the utilities at Quonset Business Park, click here

QuonsetJobs.com Connects Job Seekers with Hiring Tenants  

QuonsetJobs.com was launched almost seven years ago by the QDC to connect job seekers with employers inside Quonset Business Park. There are more than 200 companies within Quonset Business Park that are growing every day, and nearly 11,000 people are employed in full-time and part-time jobs. Since 2005 more than 4,800 new jobs have been created at the Park and QuonsetJobs.com is a key resource to find potential openings at Quonset tenants.

"The jobs we post are as diverse as the industries and businesses located here," said Steven J. King, Managing Director of the QDC. "We want Rhode Islanders looking for work to know that the companies at Quonset are hiring and there may be a spot for them to join in our success."

Hexagon, Ocean State Job Lot, Toray Plastics & Providence Jet Center are just a few of the companies that have posted open positions in the past month. The site also offers a variety of resources for both job seekers and employers, including links to: additional job boards; hiring and training programs; the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training; and helpful human resources information. QuonsetJobs.com is also promoted across the state in a variety of forms and if you have ever called the
QDC offices, you likely heard about it on the off chance you were placed on hold.

If you're looking for an opportunity, take a look and join the thousands of people who are already working at Quonset Business Park. If you are a tenant and would like more information on how to post your jobs for free on the site, we encourage you to reach out to the QDC's Jill Sherman. The QDC is proud to offer this resource to those looking to work at Quonset and our tenants.

Click here to see who's hiring!