Quonset: An Economic Powerhouse in Rhode Island
Rhode Island’s Congressional delegation, State and local leaders joined the Quonset Development Corporation (QDC) to release the findings of the 2019 Bryant University Economic Impact Report, in an event last Friday. State and local leaders noted Quonset's tremendous growth, and the public investment in Quonset's infrastructure that has expanded Rhode Island’s economy, providing thousands of jobs for R.I. residents and leveraging over $1 billion in private investment. 

The report confirmed that Quonset continues to be a major driver of job growth and economic development in Rhode Island. The findings show that Quonset generates nearly 7% of state GDP with $4.3 billion in economic impact, $1.28 billion generated in household income annually for Rhode Island families and $128.8 million in state and local taxes. Prepared by Dr. Edi Tebaldi, a Professor of Economics at Bryant University, the report also establishes Quonset as the manufacturing capital of the region – one of every six manufacturing jobs in the state is at the Business Park.

In a statement, Governor Gina Raimondo said “The new economic activity we have brought to Quonset over the past few years has been key to Rhode Island’s comeback. From over a thousand manufacturing and engineering jobs at Electric Boat to new, 21st Century wind energy jobs, Quonset is a hub of design and innovation. I look forward to continuing to work with businesses and community partners in creating jobs and building on this success.”

“The growth of Quonset Business Park has been a generational endeavor,” said Steven King, Managing Director of the QDC. “The figures announced today reflect the work of many people collaborating to improve Rhode Island’s economy and create a world class business park where companies can succeed and our people can prosper. There is still work to be done but by continuing to work together, we can achieve much more growth and success.”


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Lifting All Boats Together
“You wouldn’t think that an oyster farm could work next to an industrial port like the Port of Davisville, but it does,” says Steven DePetrillo (left, pointing at location of his oyster farm), owner of Quonset-based Allen Harbor Oyster. The two-person operation has been raising oysters alongside the Port of Davisville for over 11 years.

Allen Harbor Oyster harvests 6,000 oysters weekly that are sold both locally and around the country. Their oysters can be found on menus as “Hope Island” Oysters.

The oyster farm also serves a critical biological function for Narragansett Bay. The oysters at Allen Harbor help to repopulate a region that lost it’s native oyster population from disease years ago. And the arrival of this new population of oysters is making the bay cleaner, each oyster filters 50 gallons of water per day, making the water around the Port of Davisville remarkably clean.

The relationship between the Quonset Business Park and Allen Harbor Oyster is one you won't see at any other industrial park in the country. With the ongoing renovation underway at the Port, Quonset is relocating Allen Harbor Oyster a mile down Narragansett Bay as to not disrupt their weekly harvest. 

“Quonset has been an excellent partner,” says DePetrillo. “Throughout this renovation, they have made sure that our business continues to thrive. We couldn’t be happier with their care of our livelihood.”

QDC values businesses of all sizes, and works to ensure that growth in one sector does not hinder another. This symbiotic relationship is another reason why Quonset continues to attract world class companies. 
Pier 2 Renovation Progressing
Tucked away in the Northern corner of the Business Park, the Port of Davisville processes international shipments of automobiles and other cargo on the shores of Narragansett Bay. Over the past 15 years, Davisville has rapidly grown into one of the top ten auto importers in North America and a gateway to markets throughout Southern New England. Quonset company NORAD has been a critical piece of that growth, overseeing the processing and distribution of hundreds of thousands of automobiles annually.

In 2016, the voters of Rhode Island approved a $70 million bond measure to fund the rehabilitation of Pier 2, the workhorse of the Port of Davisville, in total, a $90 million project. Construction began on the renovation and expansion of Pier 2 in June 2018, and is expected to be completed in early 2020. Renovations include extending Pier 2 by 232 feet, allowing for a third berthing space at the Port for unloading cars and other cargo.

A renovated Pier 2 will ensure the Port can continue its record breaking auto import business while positioning Rhode Island to be a hub of the future wind energy industry.

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Welcome to Chelsea Siefert
and Norine Lux

Quonset is proud to welcome Chelsea Siefert (right bottom with QDC Managing Director Steven King) and Norine Lux (right, top) to the QDC team. 

Chelsea Siefert will serve as the Director of Planning and Development where she will lead real estate development and review, grant writing and grant administration management. Until recently, Siefert was the Director of Planning for the Town of South Kingstown. She set policy for the development review process, crafted zoning ordinance amendments, and guided municipal decision making.

Norine Lux, the new Director of Finance will manage all financial functions of the Quonset Development Corporation, and is responsible for Human Resources and administrative functions of the QDC. Norine has been with the QDC since October 2007 as a Staff Accountant, and was appointed Director of Finance in August 2019. Prior to joining the QDC, Norine worked as an accountant in both privately and publicly held corporations in Rhode Island and also worked for various CPA firms early in her career. She is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University with a BS in Accounting.

As Quonset enters a new phase of growth, we are proud to welcome these two accomplished leaders to our team. 

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