Extreme Commitment to God's Word
In May, 2006, there was a gathering of Bible lovers in Hannibal, MO who came together to quote from memory the entire New Testament. That was the start of the modern Scriptorium movement. Due to school obligations, I could not attend that historic honoring of God's Word, but was thrilled to have the flexibility to drive 1,000+ miles to Hannibal for annual Scriptoriums to became a major highlight in my life for several years before God sent me to Indonesia. 

February 22nd - 24th, students and teachers from 5 Christian Junior highs, 4 Christian high schools, 2 Public schools, 2 Sunday school classes and 1 orphanage will join a high % of the 400+ student body of the Nias Setia Bible school to quote the entire New Testament. What excites me even more than this event and the plan for this to become an annual large Scripture quoting gathering on the Nias Setia Bible school campus  is the hope and belief that many of these students and schools will be inspired and run their own smaller Scriptoriums in villages throughout Nias.    

Perhaps you want to participate in a Scriptorium near you. There are 6 (OH, MO, CA, AZ and 2 in GA) scheduled between March and June, 2019. Or perhaps you would want to start a Scriptorium at your church. Details can be seen at www.scriptoriums.com 

One final thought: Today children can go to Christian schools for 12 years and graduate not really knowing the Bible. Even more serious, young people can go to Christian colleges, Bible schools, or even seminary for several years and come out knowing very little of the Bible, with the very clear message that this book that claims to be more valuable than gold and claims to be the very words of our Creator God, and claims to be cover to cover all about our precious Lord Jesus,  practically speaking must not be very important or valuable, even though our schools diligently teach us to say nice, lofty things about the Bible.

This trivializing of God's Word is today being exported around the world at alarming rates and with devastating eternal consequences. My prayer is that Christian schools and Christian home school associations around the world would break this trend and inspire, encourage and equip their students to truly know God's Word, perhaps through a Scriptorium or countless other potential initiatives.

Please pray for the planning and participants of this historic 1st quoting of the entire New Testament Scriptorium in Indonesia.

In Christ, Phil, Jacky, Phil Jr., Sophia, Joshua, and Jeremiah Walker
JULY 2018

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