Hello Fisher Families,

Thank you for your continued support and patience in these ever-changing times. On Monday, October 5th, the Board of Trustees gave direction focused on the return to school. Fisher will remain in the remote learning environment until January 19, 2021. Leading up to that time, conversations and considerations will still be on-going to evaluate our return, the safety of our students and staff, and many other facets of this complicated landscape.

Given this extension of our remote learning, we will transition to a more robust daily schedule beginning on Monday, October 26th, the first day of Quarter Two.  

Our schedule enhancements can be found below:

Current: 90 min/Core subject/week
Will Increase to: 160 min/Core subject/week
Percentage increase: ​77​% per Core subject  

Content Connections/Study Hall: 
Current: Content Connections (study hall) = 4x/week x 30 min/ea​=120 min. ​
Will Increase to: Study Hall (supervised by core team teachers, not the guest teachers) 4x/week x 70 min/ea. ​=280 mins ​
Percentage increase: ​133​% increase 

Current: 90min/elective/week
Will Increase to: 140min/elective/week
Percentage increase: ​56​% increase
PLUS: Elective Lab, 145 min/Wed. 

Our schedule will transition to a more traditional block schedule. The details of the new schedule will be shared with our parent community soon.

As a result of this planned change, please note the schedule change for the week of October 19th below: