August 2016  
Seeking God For Provision

"Naaaaw, there's not much stuff here to move", one said. "Yeah, I'm sure we can move this ourselves in just a couple of hours as long as we have a few strong guys to help." "Oh, yeah!", said another.  "Should fit in a storage garage just fine." And that is the way conversation went before we started packing.  It always seems you have next to nothing, until you drag out the boxes and start packing and then realization hits...Man, when did we collect so much JUNK?!

Change can be difficult for some as well as exciting for others. We moved out of our former facilities and have been meeting temporarily in the hotel adjacent to our offices.  It has been an adjustment for all of us, but we have been making it work well.  They say that time flies when you're having fun? Well, it also flies when you have tons of work to do. That is the way it has been for us this past month. As we mentioned last month, we've located new facilities with excellent potential, but they are in need of renovation in order to be adapted to our needs.  We were supposed to begin work in August and move in September 1st, however, for financial reasons, we've had to postpone that date. We will need $25,000 to complete renovations so that we can move in and are presently in the midst of fundraising for that amount.   We've been able to raise a fifth of that and  would like to ask you join us in prayer for this need.  We are seeking for God's miraculous provision and for him to open the heart s  of people to give. We would also like to ask you to consider aiding us financially and investing in our church and God's kingdom in Croatia. 
USA Ministry
Mario left for the great of USA in the middle of June. He has been traveling in Texas, made a brief jump to Alabama and then back to Texas and he will be stopping off near Chicago before he heads back home August 17th.  Even though his schedule is busy, he would love to hear from you and try to meet up with you if you happen to be nearby. You may still reach him at his US number: 817 946 2206. 
Summer Season 
Europe seem like such an unlikely tourist place right now with terrorist attacks taking place almost on a weekly basis.  Sometimes it seems as if the entire world has gone mad. However, Croatia is still a rather safe place to live and (for now) is not a terrorist target. Our beaches are among the finest on the Adriatic and are full of tourists during the Summer season. Even though most locals spend their holiday along the coast, Zagreb, has become an attractive destination, as well. As you walk through Zrinjevac in the cool of the setting sun, eating ice cream, listening to Big Band music playing on the bandstand and watch people dancing in the park, you can hear the chatter of a myriad of languages all around you. 

Bonnie and the kids are becoming impatient for Mario's return home but have spent the month doing all kinds of fun summer activities.  Vjera turned 9 and is feeling very grown up now. 
We are so grateful for your continued love, prayer and support. May the Lord bless you richly and give you a wonderful blessed summer holiday season!
Mario and Bonnie Ducic
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