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One of the things Dad and I have always prided ourselves on is finding high quality Principals who are good fits for our customers as well as our other lines.

I had the pleasure of visiting Monroe City, Missouri last month to meet and sign on with Lakeside Casting Solutions. Lakeside is a privately owned precision zinc diecasting company that I believe you will enjoy reading about and working with. I am very happy to have Lakeside as our newest Principal.
As always, please use the "contact" button above to reach our office should you have any questions or applications. Thank you for taking the time to read the newsletter.
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Lakeside Casting Solutions
Our featured principal this newsletter is also our newest - Lakeside Casting Solutions. Lakeside was f ounded in 2002 by five individuals with 150 years of combined diecasting experience. Since then the company has grown from its humble beginnings to a 30,000 square foot facility with over 40 employees. Lakeside uses conventional diecasting machines, Techmire machines, and also machines designed by Lakeside to produce zinc parts from half a gram to 2 pounds in size. The company is ISO certified and ships parts throughout the United States.
A Full Service Diecasting Company

Lakeside is a full service diecasting company dedicated to providing you with solutions that reduce your costs and improve the quality of your components. Lakeside is able to provide

  • Engineering Solutions to ensure casting quality.
  • Casting solutions to reduce overall costs.
  • Assembly Solutions to improve production.
  • coating, plating and painting solutions for simplified service
  • Net shape, flash free components.

Lakeside casts parts using Zamak #2, 3, 5, & 7, ZA 8 & Ezac. All tooling is made in the USA and all tools are built and maintained at Lakeside. Assuming no changes are made to the part, tools are guaranteed for the life of the part.

Why use Zinc Diecasting?


Advantages of Zinc Die Castings vs. Other Processes


Design engineers turn to zinc die castings for component parts because the manufacturing process combines precision and cost effectiveness with the exceptional mechanical and physical properties of zinc alloys. Below are just a few of the reasons why you should consider zinc die castings when designing your new product.


Zinc die casting vs. plastic molding

Zinc die casting produces stronger parts with closer tolerances that have greater stability and durability. These parts have greater resistance to temperature extremes than molded plastic parts and superior electrical properties.


Zinc die castings vs. sand castings & permanent mold castings

Zinc die castings produce parts with thinner walls, closer dimensional limits and smoother surfaces. Production is faster and labor costs per casting are lower. Finishing costs are also less.


Zinc die castings vs. forgings

Zinc die castings produce more complex shapes with closer tolerances, thinner walls and lower finishing costs. Cast coring holes are not available with forging.


Zinc die casting vs. stamping

Zinc die casting produces complex shapes with variations possible in section thickness. One cast part may replace several stampings, resulting in reduced assembly time.


Zinc die castings vs. screw machine products

Zinc die castings produces shapes that are difficult or impossible from bar or tubular stock, while maintaining tolerances without tooling adjustments.  These castings require fewer operations and reduce waste and scrap.


Zinc die casting produces multi-cavity, complex shapes within closer tolerances than many other production processes. In addition to producing high volume runs of virtually identical parts, it produces rugged heat and wear resistant parts that are dimensionally stable, while maintaining exceptionally close tolerances. Zinc die cast parts can be manufactured with smooth or textured surfaces, and are easily plated or finished with minimal surface preparation. 

Thank you for reading this newsletter. Please let me know if you have any questions about Lakeside Casting Solutions or any of our other principals. As always, if you have any thoughts on how to improve this newsletter, please let us know.
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