Great American Insurance Group/USDF Region 2 Dressage Championships & KDA Fall Classic I
Day 3 Saturday, October 13th, 2018
By Catherine A Greenwood
Photography by Lisa Dean

It was a fine cool fall day at the Kentucky Horse Park, and the Dressage horses were glorious to watch! Good food, good laughs, and good scores were had by all at the Competitors’ Party. The barns and rings were buzzing with activity. It was dark when the first competitor entered the arena, and it was well past dark when the last horse was tucked in for the night.

Photo Left: Elizabeth Felgendreher riding Lexion

Championship Class averages were in the high 60th percentile. Angela Jackson started day three at the top again, earning her second score in the eighties this weekend. Her two mounts placed first and second in the 3rd Level Freestyle Open; Sandeman with a 77.58% preliminary score from Judge Trentelman at E of 81.5%, and in second place Gaston TF, ending on a 73.7%. The Amateur Training Level Championship class concluded with 34 entries. Tennessee KDA member, Bethany Gallagher, and Fabiola swept the competition in class with a 74.3% In second, Linda Kimbell riding Istanbul scored a 70.7%. The rest of the class placing's ranks depreciated by less than half of a percent each. 
Saturday was live with the spirit of the sport, with multiple Freestyle Championship classes taking place. In the Grand Prix Freestyle Open, Judy Kelly took home the blue riding Benise, earning a 70%. The FEI Intermediate I Freestyle Open presented during the KDA's Competitors’ Party in Rolex Stadium brought the crowd to whispers. 

The quality of breeding in the horses presenting in the competition was highly praised by viewers. The riders demonstrated studious precision refined steering with correct classic posture and poise. Albeit cold, the view overlooking the arena, reservoir in the background, with such lovely riders made for a spectators delight. The winners are listed below. All the riders that evening deserved applause.
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Did you catch that score at Saturday's KDA Fall Classic I?
Training Level, T3 JR/YR
Julia Hollenbeck riding Isidore 71.8%
Grace Pawlowski riding Loving Life 70.2%

4nd Level, Test 3 AA
Haley Reinecke riding DL's Isabella 73.4%

1rd Level, Test 3 AA
Daniela Dossmann riding Mick jagger 72.8%
Stephanie Pace riding Totoro 72.2%
R2C Top Three from Each Class
1st Level Jr/Yr
Bronwyn Buys Du Plessis riding Bellissimo Danzatore 70.4%
Raegan McCool riding Goliath SSF 70%
Ella Hoekstra riding Drommels 68.2%
Training Level AA
Bethany Gallagher riding Fabiola 74.3%
Linda Kimbell riding Istanbul 70.6%
Amy Richwine riding Barolo Boy 70.2%
2nd Level AA
Laura Crowl riding Hana 68%
Lauren Dekker riding Memphis II 67%
Susan Taylor riding Benelli 66.3%
2nd Level Open
Kristen Becker riding Amadeus 70.1%
Rebecca Knollman riding Bingotti 67.9%
Jennifer Greeter riding Hampton Classic 67.9%
3rd Level Freestyle Open
Angela Jackson riding Sandman 77.6%
Angela Jackson riding Gaston TF 73.7%
Kristen Becker riding Amadeus 73.3%
4th Level Freestyle Open
Angela Jackson riding Gaston TF 76.5%
Heidi Kohl riding DG Edorijke 74.7%
Michelle Conrad riding Cadiz 74.4%
FEI Young Rider Team
Bridgid Brownie riding Rhett 61.9%
FEI Junior Team Test
Raegan McCool riding FHF Racharee 67%
Intermediate I Freestyle Open
Angela Jackson riding Figaro H 72.5%
Nicole Baergen riding Glen Emeril 69.6%
Brianna Zwilling riding Griffindor 68.6%
FEI Grand Prix Freestyle Open
Judy Kelly riding Benise 70%
Nichole Smith riding Ebikur 65.6%
Elena Golubitsky riding Police 64.6%
Highlights of KDA Members Competing at R2C
Top Left: Kathy Priest riding Fredensdals Zig Zag
Right: Adalee Ladwig riding Argenta MSF
Above: Kelli Mardel lriding Hemmingway
To the right: Shannon Langer riding Stiletto MRF
In the photo on the left, Angela Jackson riding Figaro H, bottom Hemmingway again
Above: Denise Needham riding Dio Mio
Below: Ashley Rand riding Fendi Fabuleux
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