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Talent Advantage Series: Tips & Tactics to Attract and Retain Workers
Developing, retaining and attracting a talented workforce is critical for Greater Minnesota to sustain and grow rural businesses and communities. Addressing workforce needs was prioritized and documented in Region Five Development Commission’s Comprehensive Regional Economic Development Strategy And within the statewide rural economic development plan, DevelopMN, crafted by the state's Regional Development Commissions (RDC’s). Join Regional Champions to learn tips and tactics to attract and retain workers in a tight labor market.  

Partners, such as the Initiative Foundation, have been committed to assisting communities thrive in ways that offer ownership and improved livelihoods for decades, and others, such as Central Lakes College, have years of experience and success in closing the educational achievement gap to increase our qualified labor force.

We know the issue, we have capacity, it’s time to strategize & deploy additional action!

Under the Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Rural MN CEP is conducting a regional planning effort and has identified the need to bring together regional partners to help develop solutions that assure rural regions have both a skilled and available workforce.
Local Community Planning: A Regional Benefit
A partnership service of the Region Five Development Commission and the National Joint Powers Alliance
One of the first questions that staff asks when we begin working in a community on comprehensive planning is “Where can I find a copy of the existing plan?” It's recommended that Comprehensive Plans be updated every 10-15 years. While it can be humorous dusting off the occasional plan from 1978, many communities throughout the region have been very proactive in updating their plans and have benefited directly from Region Five’s comprehensive planning throughout the years.

If your community would like more information on this partnership and how it could benefit your communities long range planning please contact Tad Erickson 218-894-3233 ext 7
What else is R5DC involved in?
The Good Life
This Region 5 workforce initiative is a public-private initiative designed to build the strength of the labor shed in the five counties of North Central MN. To learn more, visit
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Our Mission: To provide industry expertise for lending programs offered or created by the Region Five Development Commission.

A goal of NCEDA is to create or retain permanent private sector full-time jobs in the Region. By providing capital for business development and expansion, NCEDA provides an option for commercial businesses unable to obtain adequate, affordable funding from the private capital marketplace.

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Growers & Makers Marketplace
Sprout Marketplace- R5DC is supporting an economic development opportunity that utilizes culinary art, functional and nonfunctional art installations and experiences that intend to make Sprout Growers & Makers Marketplace in Little Falls a destination as well a reflection of the unique cultural diversity of central Minnesota. To learn more, visit the Sprout website
For Your Information
Rural Voices Discussions
ST. PAUL – Many elected officials, journalists and others often ask the question, “What do rural people think?”
Minnesota Farmers Union (MFU) is helping make the answers clearer by holding seven Rural Voices Discussions in March and April and invites family farmers and rural Minnesotans to participate in these listening sessions that are open to the public.
“The voices of real farmers and rural Americans must be heard as part of our various policy debates,” said MFU President Gary Wertish. “The farm economic crisis has left countless rural Americans searching for answers. We have a Farm Bill renewal coming up, plus we have uncertainty about renewable fuels, trade, health care and rural broadband. “We strongly encourage all rural Minnesotans to attend the Rural Voices Discussion closest to them.”
President Wertish will lead a listening panel along with officials from Gov. Mark Dayton’s administration and National Farmers Union (NFU). Attendees may bring up any topic for discussion they would like to. MFU staff will take notes at these meetings for future reference.

Rural Child Care Innovation Program
Applications are due April 30 by 5:00pm

For more information:
RCCIP website:
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Contact Jessica Beyer at 320-808-7066 or if there are additional questions
Applications Open for Rural Child Care Innovation Program
Child care is an economic driver for rural communities across the United States but many communities are facing shortages of high quality child care. While many communities have child care shortages, only some are ready to roll up their sleeves and embark on the journey to address this critical community issue.  Preference will be given to communities who demonstrate commitment to the community engagement process over an 18-24 month period.    

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