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OM neighbors ~ We are looking for volunteers!

The Oakland Mills Resident Architecture Committee Seeks New Members!

What Is The RAC?

The Resident Architecture Committee (RAC) is a volunteer committee comprised of Oakland Mills residents. The RAC reviews Exterior Alteration Applications and recommends what action should be taken regarding the applications. The RAC is a recommending body only. All recommendations are forwarded to the Oakland Mills Architecture committee for final decisions.

When Does the RAC Meet?

Meeting Dates/Times and Property Site Visits

Tune in tonight (8/18) to see what the RAC meeting is all about!

Follow this link at 7 p.m.

The RAC meets the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. Meetings average about 2 hours. The RAC currently meet virtually over zoom and find this to be an easy and inclusive way to meet. Those interested in joining the RAC should be available on both of these meeting nights.

The time commitment for RAC members is to attend the two monthly meetings AND to make site visits prior to the meeting. Site visits are visits to the properties that have submitted applications. Site visits can take about one hour in the week prior to the meeting. Each RAC member is allowed (by nature of the covenants) to enter onto the exterior of a property in Oakland Mills for the purpose of a RAC site visit. RAC members have a photo badge to carry with them. Site visits do not need to be scheduled in advance and RAC members can make visits when their schedule permits. All exterior alterations are on the outside of the residence and property only.

What Experience is Necessary to be on the RAC?

Contrary to popular belief there is no experience necessary to be a member of the RAC.

However, this is an important volunteer position and we are looking for residents who have a willingness to become familiar with Oakland Mills legal documents which include the Architectural Guidelines and Architectural Covenants as well as the Exterior Alteration Application process.  

RAC members must be openminded and view each application on its merits based on covenants and guidelines. RAC members need to put personal opinions aside when serving on this committee. We understand that this can be a challenge when making decision in in our own cOMmunity but it is important to point out.

Who Leads the RAC

Currently the RAC has three members and we would like to expand to five. The committee is lead by a committee chairperson and organized by the Oakland Mills Covenant Advisor for Applications. Each member of the RAC is a voting member when making recommendations.  

What the RAC Does NOT Do

The RAC does not get involved in any covenant violation issues. Those are handled by our Covenant Advisor for Property Concerns and Architecture Committee.  

RAC members do not need to be the "architectural spokesperson" for issues relating to exterior alterations or covenant related issues. These issues are handled by our Architecture committee, Board of Directors, and Oakland Mills staff.

I'm Interested in the RAC! How Can I Get More Information?

Those interested should start by contacting Michael Vaughn, Covenant Advisor for Applications at applications@oaklandmills.or

Prior to becoming covenant advisor, Mike was chair of the RAC for 20 years and can provide a great overview of what the volunteer job entails.  

All prospective RAC member must attend three RAC meeting and make site visits with a current RAC member for all three meetings. Prospective members meet with the RAC and Covenant Advisor and the RAC then makes a recommendation to the Oakland Mills Board. The OMCA Board will either approve or disapprove of the membership.

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