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RADITEK Newsletter June 23, 2019

well known as a manufacturer of active RF and microwave components for the wireless and telecommunication markets, is supporting the medical sector with high performance RF amplifiers for hyperthermia treatment and RF ablation.
Raditek Amplifiers, supplied to a major Medical Cancer Equipment Manufacturers to deliver therapeutic heating via non invasive radio frequency (RF) energy in the 75-140 MHz range and at a fixed 915 MHz. During patient treatment, the cancerous tumor is gently warmed to 40˚-45˚C (104˚-113˚F) destroying malignant cells while preserving normal tissues. This is because higher temperatures selectively damage cells that are hypoxic and have a low pH, a condition of cancer cells that is not present in normal cells.
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Medical Treatment Amplifiers for Hyperthermia and RF Ablation There is a great deal of interest in using RF technology for cancer treatment. Research has offered hard evidence that this technology works and has advantages over traditional medical surgery. Recent research from major medical centers has prompted the observation that Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) treatment has proven to be the most effective and safest approach to destroying inoperable early-stage cancer.
GaN-on-SiC (Gallium Nitride on Silicon Carbide) is the driving technology behind the amplifier. GaN has evolved from the laboratory to real RF and microwave power amplifiers and is gaining market share over other technologies. GaN device technology provides high efficiency, broad bandwidth coverage, good reliability, high operating voltage, high operating temperature and high in/output impedance, which all add benefits for the next generation of instruments.
Early stages of cancer treatment often use this effective RF technology to treat patients. Cancer cells will be destroyed at temperatures of 42°C or higher. Exposing the cancer cell to an RF power signal will increase the temperature and destroy the cancer cell without significantly affecting normal cells.

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RF Amplifiers For Medical Applications
Our RF amplifiers are developed with total precision for MRI, ablation, radiation and other medical applications requiring durability, dependability and cost-efficiency...
Medical professionals depend on us for:
  • Fast rise and fall times
  • Phase and amplitude stability
  • Extremely low noise floor
  • Negligible RF droop
  • Unconditional stability
  • Infinite VSWR protection
  • High accuracy output
  • Temperature compensation
  • Modular design
  • Custom configuration

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