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RADITEK Newsletter April 10, 2017
RADITEK specializes in Design, Development, Manufacturing of "HIGH VOLUME / LOWEST COST" Wireless and Microwave Components and Sub Assemblies

Filter Capabilities
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Interdigital Cavity Band Pass Filter

RCBPF-2.0-2.5-Nf-Nm-5W-c14 has a center frequency of 2.25 GHz and an insertion loss of ≤1.0dB, a Rejection of ≥40dB @ DC~1.8GHz and ≥40dB @ 2.7~4.0GHz. It can handle 5 Watts of Power handling and has N Female to N Male Connectors.

WiMax Filter
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WiMAX Cavity Filter

Designed to meet out of band emissions for 2.3-2.4GHz Wibro / WiMAX transmissions; this compact filter is placed between the TX/RX module and the antenna. 1dB Pass band 2305-2395MHz and > 60dB rejection 2030-2250MHz and 2450-2670MHz, Average power handling is 4Watts and
50Watt peak.
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Cavity Band Pass Filter  

RCBPF-4.825-4.925-TNCm-10W-c14 Cavity Band Pass Filters a center frequency of 4.875 GHz and an insertion loss of ≤1.5dB and a Return Loss of ≥15dB. It can handle 10 Watts of Power handling. The Finish is Black Paint and it has TNC Male or Female Connectors on all ports.

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Surface Mount Ceramic Band Pass Filter:

Model 1814, operates from 982.5~1017.5 MHz. with a Center Frequency of 1000MHz and the following specifications: Insertion Loss in BW is 3.0dB, Ripple in BW 0.7dB max, VSWR in BW 1.5:1max, Input Power, 3.0 Watts max. Attenuation (Absolute Value) 50.0dB min@865.0MHz, 50.0dB min@1135.0MHz, 50 Ohms impedance over full operating temperature -40 to +85 °C. Dimensions of above Model: (W)18.30 x (L)14.0 x (H)4.8mm.
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Surface Mount Ceramic Band Pass Filters

Our family of Model 2614, Surface Mount Ceramic Band Pass Filters are 26.4x14mm and operate in the frequency range of 980MHz to 6.54 GHz in Split Bands and in various bandwidths. Standard in and out Impedance of 50 Ohms, 3 Watts (max) of Input Power at -20 to +85°C Operation Temperature Range. For full specifications, please see the data sheet.
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DCS Band Surface Mount Ceramic Duplexer

A high-performance DCS duplexer in a convenient surface mount package. Used mainly for splitting transmit and receive signals to and from a common antenna. RDUP-1710-1785-1805-1880M-4415-3W-S-ca-j Series typical performance specifications: 3dB Insertion Loss, 48dB Isolation / Rejection, 13dB Return Loss, -40 to +85°C Operating Temperature.
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Cavity Diplexer Filter

This Cavity Diplexer Filter is designed to perform between 1710-1785MHz (RX) and 1805-1880MHz (TX): Insertion Loss: 1.0 dB max., Return Loss: 17.0 dB min. Input Power (max): 5Watts continuous, Port Impedance: 50 Ohms, Operation Temperature Range: 10 to +60°C, Connector (ANT/RX/TX): SMA Female, Size: (W) 92.78 x (L) 78.07 x (H) 33.36mm

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Cavity Triplexer, 100 Watts

Triplexer Features a Cavity Design, Low Loss and High Power Handling. Our newest model, RCTRIP-902-1805-2100M-Nf-100W-k, CH1 902~960MHz, CH2 1805~1880MHz and CH3 2110~2170MHz operate with an Insertion Loss of 0.5dB maximum and a Return Loss of 18dB minimum and 100 Watts of Input power with N-Type Female Connectors. Operating Temperature Range -20 to +70°C Dimensions: 166 x 90 x 65mm

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Waveguide Transmit Reject Filter, C Band

Waveguide Size: WR-229
Frequency: 3.7 - 4.2 (GHz)
Insertion Loss: 0.06 dB Typ
VSWR: 1.25:1 Max
Reject: 5.925 - 6.425 (GHz)
Attenuation: 80 dB Typ
Flanges: CPRG 229
Weight: 0.95 lbs (0.43Kg)
Dimensions: 6.37" x 3.88" x 2.75" (162mm x 98mm x 70mm)
Finish: Gloss White Lacquer

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