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RADITEK Newsletter June 06, 2017
High power: Waveguide, Coaxial and Dual Waveguide Coaxial Switches

has upgraded our extensive range of Waveguide Components and we have detailed some of our range of Waveguide and Waveguide Coaxial Switches.

  • A waveguide switch is a device that allows the connection of one waveguide input to either of two waveguide output connections. they are electromagnetic switches with hollow circular or rectangular cross-sections and are used to transfer both power and communication signals in microwave communications, broadcasting, and in radar applications. Compared to coaxial RF switches, waveguides can route extremely high power signals.
  • Our new W10 model family range covers WRD220 to WR28 from 3.5GHz to 40 GHz with power handling from 5KW at low frequency to 400W at 40 GHz.
  • Other models cover WR284 covering 2.6-3.95 GHz withstanding 25 Kilowatts average / 6.5 Megawatts peak and WR430 covering 1.7-2.6GHz withstanding 5 Kilowatts average.
  •  These models offer various flange options: UG cover, UG Choke, UG O Ring and metric options, various contact options and various voltage options: 12,15, 24, 28, 48 115v, 220v
  • A Coaxial switch is a device that allows the connection of a coaxial input to either of two coaxial outputs. We offer a range of connector types: Type N, TNC, or SMA depending on the frequency range you require.
  • A dual Waveguide-Coaxial switch uses a combination of both switches which switch simultaneously by a common driver circuit (the Sector Motor). Dual Switches are available from WR-28 through WR228.
  All the above facilitate redundancy by switching from units with problem to a hot standby back up system in under 80 milliseconds. They are sealed and can be pressurized, they are weatherproof and offer an Optional extreme weather cover for severe icing protection. They are rated for 250,000 Cycle operation and have a 2 Year Standard Warranty

Our waveguide components include:

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