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RADITEK Newsletter November 30, 2018
Ultra Wide Band Directional Coupler
2-18 GHz
Choice of 10, 15, 20 or 30dB Coupling
Raditek's new multi octave model features:
* Flat coupling (+/- 0.3 dB typical) over wide bandwidth 2-18GHz.
* High directionality (17 dB typical).
* Stripline construction for ruggedness.
* Tuning elements positioned to maximize performance.
* Field-replaceable SMA connectors relieve mechanical stress on solder joints.
Raditek offers many other coupler models
Standard Single Direction and Dual Direction models.
Coaxial and Waveguide models
Narrow Band, Octave and Multi octave models
Power handling up to 75KW CW
Connectors: SMA, N, 7/16, EIA 3 1/8, EIA 6 1/8. 
Please check out our Directional Couplers web page and see what we can customize for you today. Click Here 

Ultra Wide Band Coupler
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