RADITEK Newsletter - VHF UHF and ISM band Amplifiers and Broadcast Transmitters
RADITEK Newsletter February 5, 2017
RADITEK specializes in Design, Development, Manufacturing of "HIGH VOLUME / LOWEST COST" Wireless and Microwave Components and Sub Assemblies

VHF UHF and ISM band Amplifiers and Broadcast Transmitters

We have expanded our Range to 5KW, we now offer 9 models 50W to 5KW 

  • Class leading standard feature set, including stereo encoder, RBDS/RDS generator, SCA, etc.
  • Built in compressor/limiter
  • Efficient Color OLED front panel monitoring
  • World class reliability and quality North American designed and manufactured
  • Frequency agile 87.5 - 108MHz
  • AES, S/PDIF, and analog audio inputs standard
  • Unmatched efficiency with state-of-the-art transistors and power supply
  • Extensive monitoring through Ethernet, SNMP, and parallel interface
  • Includes Wide mouth Power supply, 90-254V AC operation
  • Ethernet and SNMP monitor and control
  • Reproduce AM and phase modulation
  • Convection (forced air) cooled
  • Heatsink Temperature monitoring at Power levels about 40C
  • Standard 2 year warranty
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Including scientific model 1 KW CW, SSPA at 104.95 MHz  ± 5 MHz bandwidth  

  • With the 1 KW Output isolator connected : Amplifier can operate, undamaged, into an open output
  • Output power adjustable over 100 to 1000 Watts
  • Reflected power monitoring: Over 100W to  1KWatt (ie 10-100%) output power
  • Input Power for up to 1 KW out:  3 dBm
  • Reproduce AM and phase modulation
  • Convection (forced air) cooled
  • Additional 3RU shelf unit contains a Circulator c/w cooling fan and internal power supply rated 90-264V AC
  • Amplifier weighs only 35Lbs, Circulator/load assembly weighs ~40Lbs
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We also offer a full range of Digital TV Transmitters with exciters   

  • 470-860MHz  10 models 30W to 2KW
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Many ISM Band models including    

  • 1 KW air cooled units for a radar phased array antenna system in the 5 -20 MHz frequency
  • 12 KW water cooled 50 MHz CW Linear accelerator amplifiers
  • 6 KW water cooled  200 MHz  CW Cyclotron amplifiers
  • 2.5 KW and 5 KW Water cooled 350 MHz CW/ Pulse  Linear accelerator amplifiers
  • 250 Watt and 1 KW 350 MHz CW/ Pulse Linear accelerator amplifiers
  • 3 KW 167 MHz CW Cyclotron amplifiers
  • 6 KW 67 MHz CW Cyclotron amplifiers
  • 1 KW 5 - 30 MHz CW Air cooled radar amplifiers

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