September 6, 2015 
Focus Newsletter #1 

Dear ,
RADITEK wants to be Your #1 supplier of Telecom Products NOW!
Please read below for important satellite cost saving information.
With your permission, we will send you several different (Telecom oriented) poignant, potentially cost saving questions, like this, over the coming weeks, to try to identify some of the areas we can uniquely help you... 

Important question:Did you know we can save SATCOM Operators up to $30,000* (US) per month? Indonesia (* =428.7M Rupiahs)
Block Upconverter Ka Band 550 Watts
Typical transponder cost compared to TDMA etc. using our DAMA (Demand Assigned Multiple Access) Satcom network with (ABOD) Adaptive Bandwidth on Demand?

1.5m Vehicle Mount Antenna Ku Band

Please come to us, first with your complete list of requirements...including:  
  • High Power BUCs (C, X, Ku and Ka band to 700W).
  • DVB-S2 with latest Extensions. (eg 5% roll off, ACM, Multi-Casting
  • Modulators, Demodulators and Antennas.
  • Complete Turn-key network solutions using our Satellite and Point-to-Point / Multi-Point Telecom products
    • Examples:
      • Secure bank networks
      • Mobile, Rapid response systems
      • Cellular back haul
      • Custom Multiple Star and Mesh IP networks
      • Campus Village and Town NLOS, MIMO WiFi systems, etc...
Let us show you our super low priced products with BEYOND State Of The Art Performance, compared to ALL our competitor's solutions..

We are waiting for your call..... 408-266-7404 
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Very Best Regards,

Malcolm Lee (President and CTO, RADITEK inc).