Rages Bulletin 26 - March 6, 2019
RAGES Bulletin #26 for March, 2019
Mid-Year 2018/2019 Update
Greetings from RAGES and the Rotary Club of Lake Chelan, USA! Recognizing this mid-year report is a bit late, we hope you will still find it informative and inspirational. The RAGES board of directors are committed to keep its members informed on the good works of Rotarians and how they are meeting one or more of the Ideals of Rotary, The Objectives of Rotary, and/or the Values of Rotary through efforts to save endangered species including their habitat.

RAGES will be present at the House of Friendship at RICON 2019, Hamburg and we hope that you will consider stopping by to say hi! Spreading the word at such conferences and other opportunities is very important to the mission of RAGES. It is the one tool we have in our collective Rotarian toolbox to help others achieve their environmental objectives. Awareness leads to action! Please take a bit of time to read the rest of this bulletin and visit the links provided and decide how you can take action. If we can help, please send us an email.

Thomas L. Tochterman, Chair
Project Updates
Currently RAGES is supporting the efforts of Rotarians involved in saving endangered Orangutans, Pygmy Elephants, and Rhino. This bulletin highlights the work to save Pygmy Elephants in Borneo by Rotarian Sue Sheward and her NGO Orangutan Appeal UK. Sue is a member of the Rotary Club of Bookham & Horsely, England.

Sepilok’s Pygmy Elephant Orphans

As well as being home to orphaned and injured orangutans on varying stages of rehabilitation, the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre is also a safe haven for all kinds of wildlife. The largest of these, although still only babies, are six Bornean pygmy elephants. There are believed to be less than 2,000 of these elephants left in the wild and conflict with humans is pushing this rare species closer to the edge of extinction. Even though the Bornean pygmy elephant is smaller than its mainland cousin the Asian elephant, they unsurprisingly still require vast areas of territory to feed and roam in. With the human population expanding and development causing greater expanses of rainforest to be felled, elephants are being pushed out of the jungle and are increasingly found on agricultural or residential land where they risk being shot at or caught in illegal snares.
The orphaned elephants at Sepilok have similar stories to tell. Three year old Budak (pictured above) was found alone on plantation land when he was just two months old. Without his herd to guide and care for him, Budak began to follow the plantation workers on their motorbikes, causing a danger to himself and others. Similarly, male orphan Adun was found at just two weeks old, having fallen into a pond on the site of a saw mill. His herd were nowhere to be found and this little elephant needed urgent rescue if he was to survive.
Luckily, Sepilok is on hand to help elephants like Budak, Adun and the four other babies in their care. Like human infants, these elephants need round the clock care and regular feeds of milk and vegetation. We are dedicated to helping these individuals and two of our members of permanent staff, Rico and Sylvester, are assisting the Wildlife Rescue Unit to ensure the elephants are given the attention they need.
At the end of 2018 the Sabah government created a task force to tackle the problems facing the elephants in Sabah with the aim to create a wildlife area as a safe haven. Positive steps are being made to ensure a future for this species and we will be working closely with the WRU to care for the elephants who are most in need of help.

To read Sue's article in it's entirety, go to Orangutan Appeal UK Newsletter No. 36.

P roject updates will be reported from time to time providing current information about projects, programs, and/or people that RAGES has endorsed. RAGES endorsed projects are generally programs that involve Rotarians and or Rotary clubs. They may either provide direct support for our mission or support others that do.  
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