Rages Bulletin 25 - June 18, 2018
RAGES Quarterly News for June, 2018
End of Rotary Year 2017/18 Chair Report
Greetings from the Rotary Club of Lake Chelan, USA! This is the first of a new initiative to publish information on the good works of Rotarians around the world involved in endangered species conservation. We hope this new format is user friendly and that the information provided is relevant to your Rotary and environmental interests. You can also find a copy of this and future bulletins in the archives on our website, www.endangeredrag.org

June is Rotary International Convention month and RAGES will once again have a booth at the RICON 2018 House of Friendship. If you are attending the convention, please stop by and say hi and tell us a story about what you, or your club, are doing to advance the goal of good environmental choice making. Everything we do to and for endangered species begins with a "choice."

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to help us recruit new RAGES members. We will soon be posting on our website a PowerPoint file of our Rotary Action Group Endangered Species presentation that you can download and present to your club. We would love to have clubs take five minutes of meeting time to pass around a RAGES sign up sheet and encourage your club members to join our Rotary Action Group. Then simply scan and email the sheet to us and we will add them to the membership database. We will also be posting a downloadable sign-up sheet on the website for your convenience. This is important because Rotary International is beginning to understand the significance of a healthy environment to the quality of lives and success of Rotary values, ideals, and areas of focus. Therefore, it is very important that our membership numbers continue to grow and indicate that environmental issues and specifically endangered species matter to the success of Rotary. Please sign up each member of your club to this Rotary Action Group.

Thomas L. Tochterman, Chair
Project Updates
Project updates will be reported from time to time providing current information about projects, programs, and/or people that RAGES has endorsed. RAGES endorsed projects are generally programs that involve Rotarians and or Rotary clubs. They may either provide direct support for our mission or support others that do. In this bulletin we are reporting on Orangutan Appeal UK led by Rotarian Sue Sheward. For more information about Orangutan Appeal UK please use the link on the RAGES website or go to  www.orangutan-appeal.org.uk. The following report is a joint effort between Orangutan Appeal UK and the Sabah Wildlife Rescue Unit in Borneo that deals primarily with Orangutans and Pygmy Elephants.
Sabah Wildlife Department Wildlife Rescue Unit Bulletin for March 2018
RAGES Membership Demographics: 638
RAGES Mission Statement
Our purpose is to mobilize Rotarians and provide global awareness and focused ACTION in the continuing struggle to preserve and protect endangered species. We will be supporting and promoting new and ongoing joint projects with Rotary and Rotaract clubs located in the areas of concern.
Submit Your Project
Please send us an email with an overview of your environmental project that supports endangered species. We want to advance your good works on a global scale!

Upcoming Events
Rotary International Convention 2018; 23 – 27 June; Toronto, Canada  riconvention.org/en/toronto

World Elephant Day; 12 August  worldelephantday.org

World Orangutan Day; 19 August https://www.facebook.com/worldorangutanday/

World Rhino Day; 22 September  rhinomercy.org
RAGES - Rotarian Action Group for Endangered Species