Finding your  

pot of  gold.
Change your variable.

I recently watched a fascinating short video explaining how and why we can see rainbows. A particular line caught my attention: "No matter where you see your rainbow, if you try to walk out to meet it, you'll be changing the variable of your own position." These words resonated with me. Sometimes I get fixated on a problem. Doubt creeps in and I lose sight of my goal. This line reminded me to ask myself, "How important is it?" If the answer is "very," now the problem is merely a challenge. And once I decide to walk out to meet it and view it from a different perspective, the clouds often lift and my dream is right there in front of me, more brilliant than ever. So, next time you're faced with a problem and lose sight of your rainbow, try changing the variable of your own position and see what happens!
Roam the world.

Ron and I love to travel. It expands our minds and fills our souls. We often encourage others to travel whenever they have the opportunity because the world is such a fascinating place filled with amazing people. One of our most memorable trips was to Ireland to visit our daughter, Liz, while she was attending the University of Cork. Here we are in Cahersiveen, exploring the romantic ruins of a castle. That's us with one of our other daughters, Margaret, above the arch! We fell in love with Ireland and look forward to going back there some day. Whatever your budget, there are travel adventures to fit anyone's pocketbook. Photos or movies can never replace the thrill of experiencing another country and culture first-hand. Our advice? Grab your passport and GO FOR IT!!
Stir the pot.

It's St. Patrick's Day this Sunday. The traditional meal is corned beef and cabbage, but for those of you who aren't fans of corned beef, this bang on alternative is simply grand and sure to please! Although lamb is often used in an Irish stew, we make ours with high quality chuck stew beef. The dumplings were my Mom's brilliant addition and once you try them, you'll never make stew without them! And if there happens to be any leftovers, they're just as yummy when reheated. Happy St. Patrick's Day and may you look to the rainbow and follow your dreams!