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February 20-23, 2014 in Bloomington, MN

Welcome to the Richter AIR Symposium newsletter where we will keep you up-to-date on the events and news regarding this exciting continuing education opportunity.
Featured Session: L. Tools for Tots
11-20-2013 14:49:11 PM

Imagine how you feel when you shop in a hot, loud, over-crowded, not so nice smelling mall, while wearing an itchy wool coat at the end of preparing for and hosting a busy holiday party. That is how day to day activities for some children with sensory processing disorder feel. So when they are exposed to the same stimuli that would overload just about anyone, the effects are compounded. This can be lead to 'sensory overload.' It i [...] ...�



MOTA Annual Conference
Congratulations to Danielle DeCorsey! 

 Alexis had a great time at the Minnesota Occupational Therapy Association's annual conference Friday, November 8, 2013. Danielle DeCorsey won our drawing for a 1-day registration to the RAIR Symposium.


We had lots of people express interest in the Boundex as well.    For those interested in learning more about the Boundex, it will feature in Session H: Using Gravity to Facilitate Sensory Motor Development in Infants and Children.


We shared our table with Pileated Press, publishers of the MORE: Integrating the Mouth series, Sensory Integration Inventory, The Adaptive Response DVD, and more. We also featured our friends at Healing Waters Health Center, which includes speaker Nancy Lawton-Shirley's Points of Stillness clinic, Higher Brain Living*, and AcuEnergenics among their many treatment options.   


*This technique will be a part of Session M: Innovative and Nontraditional Treatment Options.  

Featured Session: D. The Power of the Sensory Diet Concept
11-21-2013 12:49:56 PM

The following is an excerpt from Sensory Diet Concept for use with Individuals with Smith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS) and Use of the Sensory Diet Template, by Tracy Murnan Stackhouse (speaker for Session D: The Power of the Sensory Diet Concept). The article in its entirety can be found [...] ...�



Speaker Roundtables
Speakers to be available for roundtables 


The RAIR Symposium is dedicated to making the participant's learning experience exceptional. To that end we are offering an opportunity for speakers and participants to engage in informal discussions outside of symposium sessions. This opportunity is taking the form of evening 'Roundtables.' These will be held Thursday, February 20 and Friday, February 21 from 7 to 8 PM and are only open to participants of the Symposium. There will be no charge to attend and they will not qualify for CEUs. Participation will be limited and preference will be given to the first to sign up.  


At this time the following speakers have often offered to conduct roundtables*


Thursday: Nancy Lawton-Shirley (M), Tracy Murnan Stackhouse (D) and Irene Ingram (F);

Friday: Patricia Montgomery (B), Lois Laynee (I), and Scott Fox (C)


Watch future newsletters for information on additional Speaker Roundtables and procedures for registering for the Roundtable/s of your choice.


* Dates may change  

Payment Options
PayPal, credit cards, Bill-Me-Later, checks, POs, O My!

Now that brochures have gone out, we just wanted to touch quickly on payment options, especially with the Pay-before-Dec-31st option coming up. When you register online, you'll be asked to pay with PayPal, check, or at the door; on the registration form on the brochure, it's credit card, check, or PO. Because of limitations on the site processing registrations, we had to use a little different terminology. I'll try to clear up any confusion here by listing the payment method and how it works with both options.


Online - Select the Pay with Check option and mail the check with your name somewhere on it for us to connect with your registration.

By mail - Mail the check with the completed registration form from the brochure.


Credit Cards

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Charges will appear on your statement as PDP Press, Inc dba RAIR Symposium.  

Online - Select the Pay with PayPal or credit card on the registration form and hit continue. You will be taken to the PayPal payment screen. Under the login to PayPal option is the pay with credit card. Enter your card information and complete the form.

By mail - Mail the completed registration form including card information.


Purchase Orders

There is a $30 processing fee* for purchase orders. Payment with a purchase order is also not eligible for the Pay-before-Dec-31st tuition unless the payment is postmarked by December 31, 2013.  

Online - Select the Pay at Door option on the registration form and mail or email the purchase order with your name.

By mail - Mail the completed registration form with the complete PO.


*Purchase paid in full before February 20th can waive the $30 PO fee.


PayPal and Bill-Me-Later

Bill-Me-Later is credit line option offered by PayPal and our understanding is that you will need a PayPal account to apply for it. It does offer some billing incentives currently, such as no interest payments on purchases over $99 if paid within 6 months. For participants interested in receiving the Pay-before-Dec-31st tuition, but for various reasons won't be able to pay until 2014, or prefer to pay in installments, this may be an option to research further.  

Online - Select the Pay with PayPal or credit card option. Hit Continue to be taken to the PayPal page. Login to your account. You can select Bill-Me-Later there or under the login on the PayPal page (also where the Pay by Credit Card option is).

By mail - These options are only available with the online registration form.


Registration forms and payments should be mailed to  

RAIR Symposium

c/o A. Richter

3762 Abercrombie Ln

Stillwater, MN 55082 


Call for Exhibitors
Exhibitors still wanted . . . 


 Visit the Exhibitors page for more information.  


If there are any companies you'd like to see at the RAIR Symposium, please let us know and we'll send them an exhibitor's form. 

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