Monthly Update: December 2020
Since our first delivery of 100 boxed meals on April 1, 2020, the RAP4BRONX has grown to be a substantial operator in the New York City food relief space.
64,000+ Meals Distributed in November
Prepared Meals  
Produce and Pantry Bag Meals
Meals for the Thanksgiving holiday season
Thanks to donors and supporters like YOU!
Communities we reached
We continue helping the underserved and working alongside community based and non-profit organizations to fulfill the community’s needs. Food insecurity existed before the Covid-19 pandemic and the need continues to grow during these unprecedented times.
Acacia Network - Wales Family Residence; Acacia Network - Crystal's Place Residence; Acacia Network - Millennium Care; Bronx Islamic Society; Bronx Works - CMCC Food Pantry; Bronx Works - Melrose Classic Community Center; Bronx Works - NYCHA Betances Houses; Bronx Works - NYCHA Saint Mary's Park Community Center; Bronx Works - Senior Center; Casa Yurumein; Commonwealth Veterans Residence; Community Board 9; Community Pediatric Programs - Terra Nova; Dream Yards / The Black Mutual Aid; First Presbyterian Church; Infinity Bible Church; Les Mutuals Aid - NYCHA Middletown Plaza Houses; Les Mutuals Aid - NYCHA Mitchell Houses; Mission Helping Hands; NY Common Pantry - East 138th Street; NY Common Pantry - Hoe Avenue; NYCHA- Castle Hill; NYCHA - Monroe Houses; PSA-8; SAPNA, NYC; St. Ann's Corner of Harm Reduction, Inc. (SACHR); The Huntington Free Library; Throggs Neck Resident Council - Family Worship Center; Throggs Neck Resident Council - NYCHA Throggs Neck Houses; URI - Harmony House; URI - Restoration Residence; Westchester Methodist Church; Westchester Square Bid; Mott Haven Community Fridge; Summer Youth Brigade Fridge; Hunts Point Community Fridge.
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Virtual Holiday Advocacy Dinner
RAP4Bronx supported and participated in 1Freedom x March For Science NY’s Virtual Holiday Advocacy Dinner this past Friday. Chef Aniana, who is also a NYC Social Worker, led the group in preparing a delicious Butternut Squash and Carrot soup. Afterwards, local youth led the panelists in a discussion about food insecurity within their communities. Special thanks to The Fridge Girls (above) who took care of the task of gathering all the ingredients needed for the delicious recipe!
#BronxGiving Events
In partnership with The Huntington Free Library, Throggs Neck Community, The Bronx Community Foundation, City of Refuge Church and City Life Community Outreach, we successfully distributed 500 turkeys, fresh produce and scores of grocery items. Special thanks to the Huntington Free Library for hosting the turkey distribution and Harlem Grown for the produce connection!
RAP4Bronx supported God’s Love We Deliver Thanksgiving meal distribution by sharing our Soundview warehouse on Thanksgiving morning. There were over 500 delicious meals (dessert included!), tote bags with hand sanitizer and PPE that went out to the local community!
"We’re so grateful to RAP4BRONX for helping us send 10,000 items “Thanksgiving Feasts” throughout NYC on Thanksgiving Day this year. RAP4Bronx sits at the corner of 1925 Turnbull Ave at the Bruckner Commons Center. The space was great as a safe and healthy staging location in the Bronx for our volunteers during this pandemic. We started at 8am with setting up our stations and introducing the positions to the volunteers. Volunteers started at a greeting table where they received the route card. Next, they spoke to onsite volunteers who guided them through packing the bags. They packed each bag with a meal for each member of the household, plus a guest meal, including the main dish, sides, soups, dessert. Each household also received a God’s Love 35th Annual Holiday bag.
Shana and I assigned roles for our on-site volunteers and God’s Love workers to set everyone up for success. At 9am we received our 1st group of volunteer drivers. We warmly greeted the drives and guided them through the process. Our morning finished around 11 am, when we sent our final drivers off with the last feasts and bags. By the time we finished, the rainy morning had become a beautiful sunny day. So we enjoyed a few rays of sunshine outside before a quick cleanup and of course a photoshoot to document our great experience staging a God’s Love Thanksgiving at RAP4BRONX."
-Shana Wilson, God’s Love We Deliver
RAP4Bronx is partnering with the Andromeda group of companies, the Huntington Free Library, and the Throggs Neck Community pantry organizer Angela Torres, for a toy drive to support children living in the Acacia Network and Phipps Town and Country Residences.
To date, over 600 children have received gifts and we look forward to the upcoming distributions.
It’s not too late to support! Please help us reach our goal of letting 800+ children know they are being thought about during this holiday season.

We have completed our Fall semester with The Thinkubator TRAINS program. Our team of Bronx youth researched various areas and components of starting and operating an Urban Farm/Garden. We are so thankful for this opportunity and for the time spent with the group of inquisitive, bright and dedicated young men and women.
Meet our dedicated volunteers

“At the start of COVID-19 I felt hopeless, but once I started to volunteer at Rap4Bronx as a public member at Bronx Community Board 9 in April, it lifted my spirits and sense of purpose to provide mutual aid and food relief. This inspired me to collect real-time stories from essential workers, small businesses and community based organizations still working on the frontlines during the pandemic.”

Darlene Jackson
Team Leader
Our partners & supporters
Judy & Jamie Dimon
Please help us continue
The RAP4BRONX (Relief Access Program for The Bronx) was established amid the COVID-19 pandemic to collect, donate and distribute food meals, groceries and essential supplies to frontline workers, and vulnerable residents in The Bronx and throughout New York City.
Your donation can provide:
  • Personal protective equipment, prepared meals, personal items for frontline workers.
  • Diapers, school supplies, hygiene items and essential goods for families.
  • Food and essential goods for housing shelters.
  • Food and restaurant prepared meals for soup kitchens and food pantries.
RAP4BRONX is powered by The Skyline Charitable Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered with the Federal government. Federal Tax ID #: 46-2141917