"RAP4Bronx has been a wonderful partner in our quest to serve families throughout the Bronx with consistent meals during the time of the pandemic. COVID 19 hit the Bronx the hardest and families were left scrambling for food, since the meals provided from school lunches were not sufficient to sustain families. In the wake of the pandemic, we started a driving program that served over 150 homebound/ quarantined families weekly, and by early July this increased to serving over 400 families with pick up pantry twice a week. In order to sustain the need, and support the increased need, RAP4Bronx has been a tremendous supporter of approximately 1000 to 1500 meals weekly, and countless pounds of dry goods, fruits and vegetables, to sustain our families. The deliveries are timely, our partners are always responsive and the systems in place are consistent and flawless. When we expanded to service additional locations on Blackrock Avenue and at the United Methodist Church in Westchester Square due to need, RAP4Bronx took the lead and helped us to service the needs in these communities in the Bronx as well. The team that I work with, named Throggs Neck Community Alliance, and in partnership with Community Board 10, thanks Shana and the entire team from RAP4Bronx for their professionalism, wonderful service and for being our backbone in our mutual mission to eradicate hunger in the Bronx. We look ahead to the future for even greater things!"

Angela Torres,
Throggs Neck community organizer & Bronx parent advocate