Welcome to the Beautiful Everglades, one of the natural wonders of the world. I'm Alligator Ron Bergeron, founder of the Bergeron Everglades Foundation, and I want to say Happy New Year and thank you! This year has been uncharted territory for all of us, in more ways than one. Although 2020 was different than what we are used to, one of the ways we found joy this year was using the time we had to explore the Everglades and Big Cypress.

In 2020, our team discovered a rare and endangered species of orchid at Green Glades West. The Clamshell Orchid, also known as the Octopus Orchid, is a state endangered species, and has never been found in Hendry County or on private land... Until now!
Long Live the Everglades!

Scientific name: Prosthechea cochleata triandra

Prosthechea refers to the appendage on the back of the flower,
cochleata means "shell shaped" (like a clam),
and triandra describes the flower's three (tri) anthers or reproductive parts.

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