RBA Player Signings


RBA Sports announces the signings of Rashad Bishop 6'6 220 SG/SF Cincinnati and Ruben Guillandeaux 6'6 PG/SG LaSalle. Both players are eligible for this year's NBA Draft and have already received serious interest from several European teams. We are excited to welcome both players to the RBA family.


Rashad Bishop


From Paterson, NJ, at 6'6 220, RBA believes Rashad Bishop has the potential to be the best wing defender in the upcoming 2011 NBA Draft. What separates Rashad from his peers at the wing position is his strength, athleticism and ability to finish above the rim in transition. Rashad was a four-year starter at the University of Cincinnati and as a senior, led the Bearcats to a #6 seed and Round of 32 appearance in the NCAA Tournament. Rashad finished his Senior season in the Big East...


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Ruben Guillandeaux


From Brooklyn, NY, at 6'6 210, RBA believes Ruben Guillandeaux has the potential to help an NBA back-court at some point in the near future. Ruben was one of the top guards in the Atlantic 10 Conference throughout his career at LaSalle. What separates Ruben from his peers is his versatility and ability to excel at both Guard positions, creating mismatch problems for opposing back-courts. As a senior, Ruben averaged 13 points, 3 rebounds & 3 assists per....


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RBA Player News



Vernon Goodridge

6'10 | 240 | PF/C
LaSalle (2010)


RBA's "Mt. Vernon", Vernon Goodridge, 6'10 240 PF/C LaSalle had a great workout with the Miami Heat last week. Team Executives said he displayed a variety of skills, including his shot-blocking, shooting ability, speed and athleticism. Heat President Pat Riley was on hand for both days of the workout and took a personal interest in Vernon.
Over the next month, Vernon will be training with Pro Hoops' Jay Hernandez in New York and in late June, Vernon is scheduled to take part in the Atlanta Hawks Free Agent mini-camp. Several other NBA teams, in both conferences, have expressed interest and as long as a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is negotiated before July 1st, Vernon is very close to achieving his life-long dream of playing in the NBA.

Rico Pickett


6'4 | 190 | PG/SG
Manhattan College (2010)

RBA's Rico Pickett 6'4 190 PG/SG Manhattan College was interviewed recently by Ed Issacson for his NBA draft blog.



RBA 2011 Pre-Draft Training Program

RBA Sports has chosen to utilize the services of Pro Hoops Training, led by Jay Hernandez, for our training program leading up to the NBA Draft. Jay is a renowned trainer who has worked with a number of NBA stars, including Kobe Bryant, Joakim Noah and Lamar Odom, as well as other highly touted college players in preparation for the NBA Draft.


Over the course of the next month, Jay and his Pro Hoops staff will direct RBA players through an intense training regimen, which includes cardiovascular conditioning, plyo-metric stretching, nutritional planning, specialized skill work, group training and full scrimmages.

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Agent Spotlight: RBA's BJ Bass

Agent Spotlight:
RBA's BJ Bass

There have been many people in the sports and entertainment industry, as well as my personal life that have helped shape my career philosophy. I hope to take a piece of what each of them have taught me and use it to help me become the best I can be, both personally and professionally.


Wellington Mara, a patriarch of the NFL and long time New York Giants owner, was the key figure behind the revenue sharing model the league uses today. Despite being the owner of the league's largest market, Mara pushed for a revenue-sharing model that would allow small market teams to compete and remain competitive with the larger market teams like the Giants. He understood that the value of his franchise rested more with the long-term success of the league and less with any short-term monetary gains he was forfeiting. This is the kind of vision and foresight I hope to bring to RBA, an understanding that the future of our athletes and company is far more important than the notion of making a quick dollar.


Jerry Weintraub, the famed movie producer, has shown an incredible ability to manage talent and to overcome missteps. Throughout his career, Weintraub has managed some of Hollywood's greatest stars, from Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley to Brad Pitt and George Clooney. However, it was not always easy for Weintraub, as his first few films under Weintraub Productions were considered flops and many questioned where his producing career was headed. He answered those questions by casting one of the greatest ensemble cast's of all-time in the blockbuster hit Oceans Eleven, which turned into a hugely successful trilogy.


Jay-Z is one of the greatest artists of our time, but that is not enough for him as he has developed into a tremendously successful businessman and entrepreneur. Nobody understands how to build his brand any better than Jay-Z aka Shawn Carter, as he has extended his reach into music, fashion, nightlife and the NBA. His incredible foresight in each of these ventures has allowed him to succeed in such a variety of platforms.


George Steinbrenner's will to win is something that I greatly admired about him. He was never satisfied and was always looking to improve his product.  He understood the importance of a regionalized baseball network and turned that into the YES network.  While many owners would have been satisfied with the product and pocketed any additional revenue, "The Boss" was always looking to reinvest his earnings to help his club on the field. This dedication helped him build one of the greatest franchises in the world, a team synonymous with doing things first class.


Lastly and most importantly, I have always looked up to my father, Dr. Lewis Bass. He has always preached to me honesty and integrity in everything I do, and I do my best to incorporate those values into my life. My dad has a work ethic like Cal Ripken and he is revered and respected by his patients and the members of his community. He is a humble, thoughtful and caring man who has helped make me the man I am today and I want to wish him a Happy Father's Day