April 24, 2018
Youth Six Flags Trip
Monday, June 4th:
  • For those who will have completed 5th grade and up.
  • Cost is $25 plus lunch.
  • Sign up with Chase McLain.
Faith, Work, and Vocation Grow Group
This six week study looks at what the Bible says about work, productivity, rest and how our faith and calling are integrated into our “9-5”. Study led by Chase McLain . Dates: 4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16.
Rock Solid Bible Camp
  • Join us on June 12, June 26, July 10, July 24, and July 27.
  • We will learn about the Super Heroes of the Bible! 
  • All RBC kids age 3 to grade 5 may attend. 
  • Questions: Terran Greer / Lynn Gannett-Malick.
  • More info later!
Wednesday Evening 4/25/18:
5:15pm — Dinner
5:45pm — Childcare (Rm 132), Birth-3yrs
6:00pm — Prayer, Bible Study & Grow Group
6:00pm — Youth Bible Study
6:00pm — College Bible Study
6:00pm — Angel Choir & Kids Club
Keep up with everything going on at RBC:

Sunday April 29, 2018
9:00am — Quiet Time & Prayer
9:30am — Sunday School
10:30am — Sunday Worship
11:30am Staff Meeting
4:00pm Financial Peace
5:00pm Church Council Meeting
Sermons Online
Did you know the website has past sermons to listen to and download?   
It’s NOT too late to begin 40 Days of Prayer!
Join us for Sunday School in the Fellowship Hall and then Worship in the Sanctuary.
Envelope Fundraiser for College Missions
Help support the mission trip our college students this summer in Ukraine.   Please take an envelope from the board in the foyer, place the designated amount of money (# on the envelope) in the envelope, and return it to the church office. We will be sharing the Gospel with university students and Muslim refugees from Algeria.
  • We are still in need of approximately $1000 to cover travel expenses and ministry materials for this trip.
Prayer Time: Tuesdays in Prayer Room 10am. 
This week’s focus: EAST ASIA. Pray that believers will come to know and trust God better through His Word and resist the temptation to explain their suffering through their former belief systems.
Deacon Care Ministry
How can we serve you? Click one of the forms (below) if you need any type of assistance - the info will be passed on to the leaders of two teams, Teresa Boody- Prayer, Reagan Denson- Care. Along with their teams, they will work to make sure that your prayer and care needs are met.