May 22, 2018
Youth Six Flags Trip
Monday, June 4th:
  • For those who will have completed 5th grade and up.
  • Cost is $25 plus lunch.
  • Sign up with Chase McLain.
Rock Solid Bible Camp
  • Join us on June 12, June 26, July 10, July 24, and July 27.
  • We will learn about the Super Heroes of the Bible! 
  • All RBC kids age 3 to grade 5 may attend. 
  • Questions: Terran Greer / Lynn Gannett-Malick.
  • More info later!
Grow Group
This Fall we will have an extended Grow Group session that begins on August 15 and ends on October 24th.
  • “From Story to Canon": Dr. Jason Snyder will be leading us in a discussion of how we got from the oral traditions of the Israelites to the Bible that we now hold in our hands. 
  • We will look at the strengths and weaknesses of various translation styles and also discover valid arguments for trusting the reliability and authority of Scripture.
Wednesday Evening May 23, 2018:
5:45pm — Childcare (Rm 132), Birth-3yrs
6:00pm — Prayer & Bible Study
Keep up with everything going on at RBC:

Sunday May 27, 2018
9:00am — Quiet Time & Prayer
9:30am — Sunday School
10:30am — Sunday Worship
11:45am — Staff Meeting
Prayer Time: Tuesdays in Prayer Room 10am. 
This week’s focus: UKRAINE MISSION TEAM .  
  • Thank you to all who supported our Ukraine missions team. We were able to share the Gospel with university students and high schoolers, as well as teachers and professors.
  • Our team served as a catalyst to connect unbelievers to the local church in Kyiv and they are now being discipled by the Church there.
  • Continue to pray for those in Kyiv who heard the Gospel, that they would respond in faith and repentance.
  • Also pray that the Church in Kyiv would have more & more opportunities to make disciples in their city. - - Noah, Arvine, Chase
RBC on Mission
Pray for Winnipeg Missions Trip
Winnipeg, Canada: June 23rd - 30th: The social challenges in this region are immense making it a ripe place for the Gospel to go forth and a harvest to be raised up. There are many in the North End of Winnipeg who need the hope that Christ gives. Contact Reagan Denson for more info. 
Deacon Care Ministry
How can we serve you? Click one of the forms (below) if you need any type of assistance - the info will be passed on to the leaders of two teams, Teresa Boody- Prayer, Reagan Denson- Care. Along with their teams, they will work to make sure that your prayer and care needs are met. Prayer Request Care Request