New Church Directory!
(November 7th-9th)
We want every one in the new RBC Family Church Directory!  Click here to make an appointment today!! (If you are not able to participate these 3 days in November, please contact the church office .)
Deacon Selection Process
  • The last list of eligible members will be provided tonight & Sunday, 11/3 - ballots to be returned to the church office.
  • Please prayerfully consider and nominate up to 6 members you believe would serve our RBC Congregation well over the next 3 years.
Christmas Gift Shop Open House
Sunday, November 3, 2019, 2-4pm
You are invited to:
  • Meet at Full Moon in Pelham for lunch and fellowship after worship service.
  • Travel to the Christmas Gift Shop by car caravan after lunch.
  • Enjoy a guided tour of the Shop and feel free to leave at your convenience.Christmas sweets and treats provided!
  • Contact Teresa Boody if interested.
ATTN. Moms & friends of Moms!
Blood Drive 
RBC is hosting a LifeSouth Blood Drive Sunday, 11/17, at 8:00am. There is a sign-up sheet in the foyer or follow this  link   to sign-up.
This Sunday at RBC:
Sunday November 3, 2019
9:30am — Church-Wide Breakfast
10:30am — Worship
4:00pm — Oaks Community Group
Church-Wide Breakfast
Join us THIS Sunday, 11/3, as the Deacons serve us breakfast! Breakfast will be served during the Sunday School hour (9:30am).
Suitcase Drive
  • Often when a foster child is transitioned from one home to another his or her belongings are tossed in a large trash bag. A suitcase can bring dignity this transition.
  • Can you help by sharing a medium or large sized, new or used suitcase?
  • Suitcases will be collected in the Children's Welcome area.
Wednesday Fellowship Dinner & Activities
Dinners are $5 for adults & $3 for children ages 4 thru 10. Click here to make November dinner reservations .
5:15pm - Dinner
5:45pm - Childcare available
6pm - RAs, GAs, Mission Friends & Angel Choir
6pm - Foundations Bible Study for Students and Adults
International Mission Study
Sunday, December 1st 5:30pm
Preview Question :
What people group is the most
persecuted in the world? ( answer )
Prayer Time: Tuesdays in Prayer Room 10am. 
Prayer Point: Kansas City, MO: Since Kansas City is home to thousands of Islamic immigrants with limited outreach, pray for God to raise believers from these people groups to help us start works among them (Matt Marrs, Send City Missionary).