September 12, 2017
Church Tailgate Thanks!
What a great victory Team RBC! Last Sunday’s tailgate was a great success – we had lots of great tailgate food to sample, hot dogs and hamburgers and lots of warm fellowship. There are so many people to thank for the great time we had Sunday after church. Thanks to all who brought food and helped in any way. There are some folks in particular I’d like to thank personally for their hard work to make the Fellowship Hall look and feel like a college football tailgate atmosphere:
  • Set Up: Gene Brunson, Vickie Craft, David Jackson, Chase McLain (video), Selene Patterson, Linda Spear
  • Tents/Decorations: Terran Greer, Phil and Selene Patterson, Dianne Talyor, Sermon Series Class
  • Cooks: Ben Harrelson, Phil Patterson, George Williams, Jeff Rogers of Southern Bath & Kitchen (George’s friend)
  • Clean Up/Set Up: David Bradley, Herb Boyd, David Ferguson, Ron Smith, Sue Ellen Watkins, The Deacons
A very special THANK YOU to Joseph and Misty Tortomasi owners of Tony’s Hot Dogs . Joe and Misty donated the hamburgers for the tailgate and we are very grateful for their generosity! Tony’s Hot Dogs is THE place to go for great breakfast and lunch. Tell him thanks the next time you are there.
Way to go Team RBC! (To listen to the "Team RBC" Sermon Series click on the logo, top left corner.)
New Members
This past Sunday Forrest & Megan Anglin joined RBC. Forrest & Megan have been visiting for a while and we are happy to officially welcome into our fellowship!
  Dinners, Grow Groups & Children & Youth Come check it out!
Info on dinners click here .
Week of Prayer for State Missions
This week we are observing a Week of Prayer for State Missions. There are prayer guides for the week available in the church office. These guides highlight various missionaries and ministries in the state of Alabama. Envelopes for the Myers-Mallory offering for state missions are also available in the church office. 
This offering supports the focus ministries in the prayer guide and many other ministry efforts in our state.
RBC Children's Ministry
  • Wednesday evenings we offer Angel Choirs (2 choirs) & RBC’s Kid’s Club. 
  • Click here or contact Lynn Gannett-Malick.
Wednesday Night
Grow Groups
Click here for more info & sign-up for your choice to attend:
  • Expository Bible Study (1st & 2nd Peter)
  • Personal Evangelism Training
  • Peace in Life’s Storms (**Watch a news story about Philip Wilson's family's storm.)
  • College Bible Study
  • Creation to New Creation (starts 10/3)
  • Selected Studies in Genesis (starts 10/3)
Prayer Time: Tuesdays in Prayer Room 10am. 
This week’s focus:
CARLOS AND CAROLINA GARCIA, HOMESTEAD, FLORIDA . Carlos and Carolina work as church planters in the Miami area with Praise Chapel. Pray for friendships, sharing opportunities and godly leadership. Pray that revival would come to the city.  
Hurricanes!!  Please also remember to pray for all those in southeast Texas, Louisiana, & Florida.
Keep up with everything going on at RBC:

Sunday September 17, 2017
9:00am — Quiet Time & Prayer
9:30am — Sunday School
10:30am — Worship
11:30am — Children’s Committee Meeting
4:00pm — Oaks Community Group
5:00pm — Stewardship Meeting