Pastor Search Committee ~ The Executive Church Council is continuing the Pastor Search Committee nominee process. The committee has closed nominations and with the help of the Nominating Committee now presents the slate of nine members of the Pastor Search Committee. This list will be published and submitted to the church body for review and discussion. There will be a called business meeting, October 7, 2018 to affirm or reject the entire list: Josh Caldwell, Reagan Denson, Page Rubin, Stan Craft, Sherry Loper, Mary Smith, Phillip Crittenden, Cathy Pecher, Barbara Tittle.
Funds raised will help support our new MOPs ministry!
  • WHEN: October 6th 8am - 2pm 
  • WHERE: RBC Parking Lot
  • WHAT: Your gently used donated items!
  • Food trucks will be here during 11am—2pm!
  • Please bring your donations to church during one of the following times: 
-- Wednesday, October 3rd (after church service) OR 
-- Friday, October 5th from 6pm-7pm
If you have items that you are unable to bring at the specified times above please contact Alyxis McLain
All items NOT sold will be donated to Kings Home unless picked up on the date of the sale by 2:30pm.
Wednesday Nights :
September 26, 2018:
5:15pm - Dinner
5:45pm - Nursery available
6:00pm - GAs , Mission Friends , & Angel Choir
6:00pm - Prayer & Grow Groups
6:00pm - Youth Bible Study
Please make October dinner reservations
at this time. Thank you!
Keep up with everything going on at RBC:
Sunday September 30, 2018
9:00am — Quiet Time & Prayer
9:30am — Sunday School
10:30am — Sunday Worship
4:00pm — Financial Peace
Christmas Cantata Singers!
  • Christmas rehearsals have only just begun--you're not too late to join us!
  • Rehearsals will take place every Sunday morning from 8:45 - 9:15am until the Cantata on Sunday, 6pm, December 9th.
  • Please contact us if you are interested, or know someone who might be!
RBC MOPs Group
ATTN. Moms & friends of Moms!
  • Our mission as RBC MOPs is: “Uplifting moms in every season through Christ centered relationships.” 
  • MOPs meets every 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month. For more information please visit:
Wednesday Grow Groups
  • “From Story to Canon": Dr. Jason Snyder is leading a discussion of how we got from the oral traditions of the Israelite's to the Bible that we now hold in our hands. 
  • Dave Malick is leading a semester long Grow Group on the book of Acts. Members of this group will be dismissed to the Johnson/Powell room after prayer time in the Fellowship Hall.
Prayer Time: Tuesdays in Prayer Room 10am. 
SOUTH ASIA. Pray for South Asian Muslims who are interacting with God's Word through mobile phone apps. A new Bible correspondence app will provide an opportunity for those who are seeking truth to ask questions of local teachers.