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 January 2012
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Marjorie A.Kosoy Ed.D.
Sheryl Levin M.Ed., L.P.C.

Please see our website for a listing of our current bereavement groups.

Each group addresses a specific loss, for example: loss of a spouse, loss of an adult child, loss of an infant, loss of a family member to suicide.

In the midst of winter a Red Bird appears to remind us of the warmth of friendship and the spirit of love.

Searching For Hope in 2012

" To fashion an inner story of our pain carries us into the heart of it, which is where rebirth inevitably occurs."
 Sue Monk Kidd

How do we fashion our inner story? How do we tell the tale of our pain and longing?  How do we find a new meaning in our loss?

Initially, many people keep a journal. Here they record their initial feelings of shock and disbelief. Here they detail their pain and longing for their loved one.

Others reconstruct the story of their loved one's life through art, music or dance.  Parents collect memorabilia: pictures, stuffed animals, trophies, ballet slippers, and t-shirts. These items perpetuate memories. Wives and husbands may relate the story of their courtship and romance. Brothers and sisters laugh about their fights and arguments. Everyone tells stories which weave a tapestry of a life worth cherishing. It is these  memories which give us new meaning and hope.

We are pleased to announce that Victoria Grant is having her first exhibit and print sale on:


Saturday, February 11, 2012


Winter Street Studios

2101 Winter Street

Houston, Texas 77008


A portion of the proceeds will go to Red Bird Center 


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