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Sector Insights: Construction
Fall, 2017

Welcome to our Sector Insights newsletter series. This edition offers construction industry executives the latest tax, business and financial news and ideas affecting your sector... and ultimately, your success.

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What happens after the real estate wave crests? (via The Boston Globe) - Building and development is notoriously an up-and-down business, and Greater Boston is into one of the strongest upswings the region has ever seen. But what goes up must come down. And what that comedown will look like is anyone's guess.
New accounting rules for contract-based companies are coming soon. Will you be ready? (via RBF Knowledge Center) - A major change in how companies account for revenue from the contracts they write with their customers is lurking in the not-to-distant future. RBF partner Vinny Botta writes that the time to act - especially for those in the construction sector - is now. 
Construction sector is ripe for disruption (via Inc. magazine) - Construction companies could soon match -- and maybe even surpass -- the tech powers of the finance and agricultural industries, both of which are using technology in a big way to increase performance, writes columnist Rhett Power.
Passing the torch without getting burned (via RBF Knowledge Center) - In an interview with Sector Insights, RBF managing partner Bill Rucci talks about the massive transition of leadership facing privately-owned businesses in the next decade. Without proper planning, he says, owners could face dire financial and tax consequences for themselves and their families.    
Construction industry adds 28,000 jobs in August (via Associated General Contractors of America) - Construction employment increased by 28,000 jobs in August, following a dip in hiring and spending in July. But contractors face a lack of experienced workers.

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