RC Warbird Fly-in and Custom Car Show
September 29' 2018

After a year of re-inventing the FRM Club and flying parameters, We're Back!

There will be a Warbirds Fly-In and Car Show Event at the Fresno Radio Modeler Field on Saturday - September 29, 2018 - beginning at 9AM.

Look for the Flags for the remodeled entrance to the field off Avenue 12 - Just east of the Madera Rancho's; Take Avenue 12 from either the 99 or the 41.

The premise for the warbird fly-in is: "If its shaped like a warbird; if its marked like a warbird; if it flies like a warbird; if you say its a warbird; if its ever been flown by any military; then it most likely is a warbird!

Bring what you can and fly what you got!

In conjunction there will be a custom car show at the FRM Field adjacent to the RC Car Track. These will be Rods, Customs, Racers, and Buggies or some combination.

At the RC Car Track, there will be some "u-drive" cars setup and hosted by FRM members. Overall, a flying event; flight demos', some fun flight challenges, along with a custom car show.

RC Landing Fee is $10 which includes a lunch. AMA Insurance is Required.

ENTRY IS FREE for Spectators/Guests to the Car Show and Model Aviation event.

If you want to enter the event as a participant, contact Craig Roberts (Event Director) at 559-908-1166.

If you have friends, family, or neighbors who would like to come out and watch; send them the info or bring them along.

If you want to help - and yes, we could use your help - please contact Craig Roberts at 559-908-1166. We need assistance in a minimum of the following areas - to name a few:

  • Traffic Control
  • Parking Navigation
  • Food Services
  • Setup and Takedown
  • RC Aircraft Flight Coordinator
  • RC Car Track Coordinator

This is gonna be fun...

Respectfully, Conrad Nerdahl
Fresno Radio Modelers| FRCM@comcast.net | FRCM.org