The  Butte County Resource Conservation District  (RCD) has partnered with American Forest Foundation (AFF) to replant nonindustrial, small privately-owned timberland areas within the Camp Fire burn scar in California.
Although the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic shortened the number of volunteer outings for the project, the conservation district was able to get a volunteer planting in during March, as well as a large-scale planting in with AFF and the Arbor Day Foundation, with nearly 135,000 seedlings planted to help restore the burned landscape.

While plantings are also planned for 2021, there will be areas that will not be restored, in some cases deliberately, Butte County RCD Forest Health Watershed Coordinator Wolfy Rougle said .

“There’s not enough money, and not a lot of landowners are willing to put in the work needed to manage their lands to do this,”  she said . “And that’s okay. In many places, natural regeneration is okay.”