Summer, 2019
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RCMA Fall Committee Meetings
October 15-17, 2019
Embassy Suites Inner Harbor
Baltimore, MD

RCMA Awards and Gala Dinner
February 3, 2020
Dallas, TX

International Roof Coatings Conference
July 23-26, 2020
Charlotte, NC

RCMA Staff
Daniel Quinonez
Executive Director

Mike Fischer 
Codes and Standards Director

George Fischer
Government Affairs & Regulatory Director 

Chadwick Collins
Technical Director

Drew Brackbill
Account Coordinator

RCMA Board of Directors
RCMA President
Greg Hlavaty
Western Colloid

RCMA Vice President
Jonathan Dietzel
SWT Group

Ed Buczek
Garland Company

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Will Lorenz
General Coatings

RCMA Secretary
Josh Poole

RCMA Board of Directors

David Ziebarth
Astec Re-Ply Roofing

Brian Anthony
The Brewer Company

Ryan Blad
838 Coatings

Helene Hardy Pierce

Will Lorenz
General Coatings

Ariel Lender
Polyglass, USA

Stephen Hollman
RCMA Committee Chairs
Government Affairs Committee
Jeff Blank, SR Products

Technical Affairs Committee
Jim Arnold, Simon Products
Joe Rokowski, Astec Re-Ply Roofing Systems

Communications, Membership & Education Committee
John Stubblefield, Polyglass 
Michelle Carlin, GAF

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RCMA Membership
RCMA  is now using an association management system that offers you a variety of new ways to keep track of your membership and enhance your company's participation in RCMA.  You, your employees and colleagues can collectively update your contact information, track your history and register for future meetings. 
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President's Update 
Greg Hlavaty, Western Colloid
Fellow RCMA Members,

Thank you to all those who participated at our RCMA Summer Meeting in Rosemont, IL! We had excellent turnout for our tour at WJE and sessions the next day

We are incredibly excited about our association in 2019. RCMA will continue to expand its reach and relevance. Our association is aggressively reaching out to grow our membership and our footprint in the roofing industry.  We have gained three new roof-coating manufacturers in the last three months and continue to gain interest from others as they hear about the advantages of membership. RCMA is exploring the possibility of forging and strengthening new partnerships with allied organizations, such as the National Roofing Contractors Association, the American Coatings Association, and the International Association of Building Envelope Consultants, (IIBEC).

RCMA will continue to advocate proactively in legislative and regulatory arenas to defend and reinforce the value proposition of our industry's products. My hope is by connecting with these groups our RCMA members will be at the front line of the roofing industry and will be key players in the commercial building industry.  I hope our efforts will prove that membership has its advantages both professionally and fiscally to our members. 

Warm Regards,

Greg Hlavaty
RCMA President, Western Colloid
Executive Director Update
Dear RCMA members,

Thank you for your continued support for RCMA.  We have many new and exciting initiatives happening in 2019, and into 2020 . We established  our new online account management system to enhance your experience with renewals and event sign-ups.  We will be working on a new website to  utilize  our resources and connect our members even further. We are planning some exciting meetings for the fall of 2019 and spring of 2020. And of course, we have also begun planning for the 2020 IRCC.

I also hope to enhance the recognition and influence of RCMA in the building industry and help to shape the future direction of the organization while leading our industry to future growth and opportunity.

Please feel free to reach out to me anytime if you have any questions or concerns regarding RCMA.
Thank you!

Daniel Quinonez
RCMA Executive Director

2020 International Roof Coatings Conference Location Announced! 
The 2020 IRCC location has been announced for the city of Charlotte, North Carolina at the Hilton City Center.   The conference will begin on Monday, July 20 and will continue through noon on Wednesday, July 23 . Following the IRCC programming, RCMA will hold its Summer Meeting, open to both RCMA members and non-members.  More details to follow for registration and events. 

RCMA Summer Meeting Highlights
Thank you to WJE for the tour of their laboratory in North Brook, IL.  

The RCMA attendees were provided a tour and a panel discussion on coatings.
RCMA Attendees Hear Presentations From Leading Industry Speakers 

RCMA members heard from a host of speakers on important topics facing the industry.  The meeting agenda featured many updates from important industry leaders, including the latest news and reports on regulations, industry studies, and RCMA's legislative efforts.  RCMA President Greg Hlavaty also announced the location of the 2020 IRCC. Thanks to all the presenters and those who helped make the meeting a success.  

Dave Darling of the American Coating Association covered the latest on coating regulatory issues. 

Mark Graham of  NRCAprovided a Codes and Standards update.

RCMA Committee Updates
Government Affairs Committee Updates:
By George Fischer, Director, GR & Reg. 

Method 24 Update 
RCMA has received the official response from the EPA meeting held on April 3, 2019. The response was not the favorable one expected based on the conversations during the April 3 meeting. Most of the concerns voiced during the meeting by RCMA were not addressed by the EPA's response. Staff will be drafting a response that will be reviewed and presented to the BOD prior to responding to the EPA. During the panel discussion at WJE's Janney Technical Center during the meeting tour, the topic of analytical sensitivity with regard to VOC's was briefly discussed. Staff will work with members to generate an RFP to submit to several testing facilities in an attempt to push development of an alternate analytical method to determine VOC content.
During the July 24 report-out, it was suggested that as many members of RCMA as possible should consider joining ASTM and more specifically, the D08 committee. At a minimum, membership entitles one to access thousands of dollars worth of standards for a fraction of that cost.
RCMA will be submitting a letter to the EPA regarding a definition for cool roofs and ENERGYSTAR so there is no lapse as the program is sunsetted. Many thanks to all who provided input. 
David Darling, ACA Vice President, Health, Safety, and Environmental Affairs provided a presentation regarding Architectural and Industrial Maintenance (AIM) VOC and PCBTF. The presentation will be forwarded to RCMA membership. Staff has been forwarding updates from the ACA VOC notification service as received.
RCMA has joined the ACA PCBTF working group and Task Force members should be receiving the updates directly from ACA.
ACA forwarded a PCBTF Advocacy Survey that was then shared with all RCMA members in an email sent on July 23, 2019. It is an effort to catalog the impact that the potential loss of exemptions will have on the industry. All members are urged to complete the survey (Excel spreadsheet) and return to George Fischer at no later than September 1, 2019. The survey is anonymous, and no identifying company data will be shared. 

California AB- 660
RCMA will be signing on with the larger roofing industry coalition in opposition of AB-660. Individual member companies are urged to send letters as well. Please be on the lookout for an email from staff with a standard letter that may be edited to reflect individual companies. 

Technical Affairs Committee Updates 
By Chadwick Collins, Technical Director
Sustainability Task Force
RCMA is in the final stages of completing the development of their Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). Many of RCMA's member companies have participated, resulting in RCMA being able to draft EPDs for all 5 products categories: Acrylic, Aluminum, Asphaltic, Silicone, and Urethane.  RCMA staff and task group members are working with our vendor to finalize the parameters to create the Product Category Rule (PCR) and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) which are the foundation documents for the EPDs. RCMA anticipates the publication of the EPDs by year's end.
Codes & Standards Task Force
As with all of the roofing industry, 2019 has been a busy year for codes and standards.  Over the summer, the Florida Building Code update entered into the second round of public comment.  RCMA has submitted a proposal to update the referenced standard ASTM D6083 to its current version and has received no opposition to date. In May, the International Code Council's  Committee Action Hearings for Cycle B, which includes the International Building Code, International Residential Code, International Existing Building Code and the International Energy Conservation Code, was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. RCMA again submitted proposals to update pertinent standards to their current versions, which were redundant in lieu of the standard holders own proposals to do the same.  NRCA submitted a proposal to create a new section within Chapter 15 for Roof Coatings.  While the initial proposal did not include all coating types, conversation with NRCA confirmed that was not their intent and RCMA supported their floor modification to include all the necessary coatings types in their proposal.  The Committee agreed and voted to recommend to approve as modified.   ICC's own public comment submission period closed on July 24 and the public comments are set to be published by the first week in September.  Staff will review and communicate out any pertinent comments and any action needed will be done in October at the Public Comment Hearings in Las Vegas, Nevada.
On the standards side, the big news of the summer for RCMA is the restructuring within D08 at ASTM.  Subcommittee D08.09 has been renamed and re-scoped by the executive committee.  The EC also moved many standards that RCMA monitors to D08.09 from other subcommittees.  Staff encourages everyone to make sure your ASTM membership is updated to reflect that you want to be registered with D08.09 to ensure you receive all communication, especially ballots, related to the standards that impact our industry. 
Contractor Training Program
RCMA continues to develop a Contractor Training Program, whose progress was presented at RCMA's meetings in Chicago in July.  This program will create a valuable asset for RCMA to take to the contractor force as well as be a catalyst for RCMA to work with NRCA in the development of a certification program akin to other NRCA programs (Single-Ply & EPDM).  The task group looks to have the program ready for potential opportunities this fall.

Communications, Membership & Education Committee Updates 

The CMEC committees will be holding a series of tele-conferences to plan communications and marketing efforts for RCMA for 2020 and beyond .  If you are interested  in joining the effort, please notify Daniel Quinonez.  

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