August 2013

President's Update

My Fellow RCMA Members,

As many of you know, 2013 has been a very busy year for the RCMA. We have just finished our second meeting of the year, and we all now look forward to the October meeting hosted by Oak Ridge National Laboratories. This upcoming meeting should be a great finish to a strong 2013 for the RCMA. Our membership and our income are both higher than what the organization budgeted for this year – you have all done a great job of working to restore the RCMA to the grand stature that has been our tradition.

As for our most recent program, we held a very necessary training program on the new Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) requirement that we all meet the new Global Harmonized Systems set forth by the United Nations. This was an excellent program; many of us had no idea how complex and demanding these new practices will be in the future. The RCMA staff did an excellent job of putting this program together, and it was of great value to the RCMA members in attendance.

In conjunction with the GHS training, the RCMA also held a Government Affairs Lobby Day for our members. Twenty RCMA members took part in 70 meetings on Capitol Hill to express our concerns and to discuss issues that affect our industry presently and in the future. RCMA members participated in meetings with Members of Congress 40% of the time, and the other meetings were held with legislative staffers. Needless to say, this was a very eye-opening experience for me.

Our Government Affairs program has always been the jewel in the RCMA program. Our staff and members have always worked tirelessly on staying informed and proactive on how government regulations impact our industry across the United States, and our recent RCMA Government Affairs Lobby Day was an extension of these initiatives. In the past, we have always solicited input from both elected and appointed government officials. In return for this input, we would work with these officials to reach a mutually beneficial program. Once an understanding had been achieved, the governmental organization expected our support for their programs or initiatives. With honor and dignity, we dutifully supported those programs and helped the governmental official implement their ideas and plans.

My friends, after spending an entire day on Capitol Hill, I am sorry to say this is no longer the case. The Members of Congress and legislative staff members we met with were very polite and gracious. Many even expressed a willingness to assist RCMA with our issues. Yet, I feel that it has become increasingly more difficult to fight through the noise on Capitol Hill to get our legislative and regulatory issues heard and implemented. Members of Congress are being pulled in many different directions and therefore we need to expand our government affairs program to be more effective and influential.

Upon further reflection, I think the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission U.S. Supreme Court decision of January 21, 2010 can be used to our advantage to take the RCMA government affairs program to the next level.

Simply put, what this decision legalized is the collecting of money by corporations, labor unions, and trade associations to voice their opinion on any elected official without any restriction on the size of any donation. In other words, it is now legal for organizations, like to RCMA, to set up an independent Political Action Committee to promote our message in relationship to any elected or appointed official at any given time. Citizens United has completely changed the way we elect our politicians.

Consequently, what I am proposing is that we ask the RCMA Government Affairs Committee to begin the due diligence process and discuss the feasibility of creating our own “Super PAC.” I have already had preliminary discussions with the Kellen Company staff to determine the viability of such a program. John Ferraro has assured me that they have the expertise and knowledge to guide us in this developmental process. I truly believe, in this modern age of mass media, to be an effective organization we need to become more politically engaged, and this is clearly one way to accomplish that goal. At this time, I ask all of you to think about my proposal and to begin the discussion process. Let me hear from you!

On that note, I look forward to hearing from you and seeing all of you October 8–10, 2013 for the RCMA Fall Meeting in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

We have some very exciting and useful programs planned for our members. As always, we need your continued support on these programs. I encourage you all to attend.

Warmest Regards,

Jeff Blank
President, Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association


RCMA Updates

Government Affairs Committee Update

RCMA GHS / HazCom Training Session
On July 23, 2013, RCMA held a one-day Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) / Hazard Communication (HazCom) training session that highlighted the key considerations for complying with GHS requirements. Topics covered in the training program included OSHA HazCom scope and applications, health and physical hazard classification and hazard communication elements, labels and other forms of warning, safety data sheets, employee information and training, and compliance timelines. As a follow up to this training session, RCMA is in the process of scheduling a webinar with a GHS software solution provider which may be of interest to the membership.

RCMA Government Affairs Lobby Day
On July 24, 2013, RCMA held a Government Affairs Lobby Day in Washington, DC. The highlight of the morning educational session was the keynote address from United States Congressman Cory Gardner (R-CO).

Twenty RCMA members spent the remainder of the day on Capitol Hill visiting with members of Congress from their states and districts, meeting with 70 different congressional offices in total. Attendees discussed three main issues of interest to the roof coatings industry: clarifying IRS Tax Code IRC 25C to include the use of roof coatings, extending or making permanent the Commercial Building Tax Deduction (IRC Sec. 179D), and opposing the EPA from further lowering the National Ozone Standard. The feedback from the RCMA members has been nothing but positive. To read the Federal Position Paper that RCMA left with members of Congress, please click here.

Everyone was very pleased with the background and messaging documents, the morning educational programming, and the high-level meetings that we were able to secure with congressional offices.


Energy Star Comments
On July 12, 2013, RCMA submitted comments on the ENERGY STAR Program Requirements Draft 3 Version 3.0 Roof Products Specification and Draft 3 Test Method: Maintenance of Solar Reflectance. In our comments, RCMA advocated for the inclusion of wall coatings in the Draft 3 Version 3.0 Roof Products Specification. We made this comment because investigations have indicated that elevated wall reflectance can have an impact on cooling costs. Also, RCMA made a comment regarding the roof slope range in the climate zone weathering testing section of the draft.

VOC Updates

  • RCMA VOC Webinar

    On June 20, 2013, RCMA held a VOC Webinar for the industry. With over 50 attendees, including 5 nonmembers, the VOC Webinar was a great introduction to regulations for the VOC novice and a comprehensive refresher for the VOC veteran. The webinar began with a history of VOC regulations, provided an overview of current regulations in effect across the country, and concluded with an examination of the National Ozone Standard and the implications that changes to the standard will have on the industry. In case you missed the presentation in June, a recording of the webinar is available exclusively to RCMA members in the Members Only section of the RCMA website.

  • South Coast Rule 1168 – Adhesives and Sealants

    The California South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) has recently begun the development process for updates to their Rule 1168 for Adhesives & Sealants. RCMA is taking an active role in the process, attending working group calls, coordinating with other industry trade associations to ensure unified messaging, sending regular updates to those members who expressed interest in the rulemaking, and having conversations with South Coast air regulators. Conversations have already begun to take place on the dimethyl carbonate (DMC) and TBAC exemptions, and RCMA will look for opportunities to have partial or full exemptions of these solvents in the final rule.

    SCAQMD hopes in the rule update to more clearly define which products are covered by Rule 1168 versus the CARB Consumer Products rule and the SCAQMD Rule 1113 for AIM Coatings. The proposed timeline for the update to the rule is aggressive, with a proposed finalization in November 2013. Please contact RCMA Industry Affairs Coordinator Kelly Franklin to become involved in the South Coast Rule 1168 rule development process. To be added to the South Coast’s distribution list for working group meetings, please contact Mike Morris at

  • South Coast Rule 1113 – FINAL REMINDER of Upcoming Compliance Deadlines

    There are several new compliance requirements for SCAQMD’s Rule 1113 that will become effective on January 1, 2014. These changes include reduced VOC limits in nine product categories, new labeling requirements, a reduced default VOC limit for those products that do not fall within a specific category, and limits on colorants added at the point of sale. Click here to review the full text of Rule 1113, last updated in June 2011.

  • Massachusetts Adhesives & Sealants Rules

    Massachusetts’ draft rule 310 CMR 7.18(30) for Adhesives & Sealants, which is based on the OTC Model Rule and has been delayed internally for nearly two years, looks to be promulgated soon. The Massachusetts DEP expects that the regulation will be published in the Massachusetts Register by the end of September. RCMA is on the Department’s contact list and will alert the membership when the rule is finalized.

  • Utah VOC Rules Developments

    Utah is currently developing VOC regulations for the Salt Lake City region, which includes Box Elder, Cache, Davis, Salt Lake, Tooele, Utah and Weber counties. An adhesives & sealants rule, based on the OTC Model Rule, was approved in June 2013 with a September 1, 2014 compliance date. In June, a draft AIM Coatings rule was released based on the OTC Phase II Model Rule, with a proposed September 1, 2014 compliance date. The expected adoption date of the AIM Coatings Rule is September 4, 2013. Please note that the OTC Phase II Model Rule has not yet been formally adopted in any OTC State – Utah could be the first to adopt if their rule development timeline is faster than New York's.

Technical Committee Update

Sustainability Council
On May 16, 2013, the RCMA Sustainability Council held a teleconference to discuss whether the association should consider developing a Product Category Rule (PCR) for roof coating products. The RCMA Sustainability Council indicated their desire to move in this direction. On July 22, 2013, the RCMA Board of Directors considered the recommendation from the RCMA Sustainability Council. The RCMA Board of Directors supports sustainability of our products and the concept of PCR development. To ensure the association is doing our due diligence, they have asked the RCMA Sustainability Council to put a plan in place that outlines the pros and cons, cost considerations, and whether to engage other trade associations within the industry.

Alternate Test Methods
RCMA is in the final stages of developing a research study plan that outlines how we will initiate a study using alternate measuring methods to determine reflectance and/or emissivity. The study would see if there is a mathematical correlation to the results obtained using these alternate methods compared to those obtained by the D&S reflectometer and/or thermal emissivity sensor. RCMA was able to obtain commitments from four optic equipment manufacturers for use of their machines at no or nominal cost. Oak Ridge National Labs has agreed to assist the association by handling the test method analysis.

CRRC / Substrate Update
On July 31, 2013, RCMA and RRCI submitted a letter in response to the CRRC’s effort to define rough substrate for field-applied coatings. After reviewing the results of the RCMA and RRCI roof coatings substrate studies, the CRRC Technical Committee concluded that the data showed smooth substrates resulted in higher reflectance values. Based on a CRRC Technical Committee recommendation, the CRRC Board of Directors approved that testing of roof coatings be done on a defined smooth substrate and textured substrate to provide a range of expected performance. In the letter, we provide our recommendation on how to test a rough substrate. On August 8, 2013, the letter was discussing during the CRRC Technical Committee teleconference but no action was taken on the issue. It will be discussed again on October 24, 2013.

Solar Reflective Coatings Council (SRCC) Activities

  • Professional Roofing Response

    In July 2013, Professional Roofing magazine published an article titled, “The Un-Cool Consequences of Cool Roofing” by Samir Ibrahim, Director of Design Services at Carlisle Construction Materials. The article is very similar to another piece that was posted on the Huffington Post a few months ago. Both articles made several points that need to be clarified and corrected so RCMA is in the process of drafting a letter to the editor of Professional Roofing magazine.

  • DSIRE Database

    Don’t forget to make use of the RCMA’s Reflective Roof Rebates Database! Available on the RCMA website in the Members Only section, the database provides you the latest information on rebates and tax credits for installing reflective roofs across the country. Whether you search by state or zip code, your sales team will be thrilled to have access to this customized search tool which includes financial incentive information on reflective roofs across the country. Just log in using your username and password, then click on “Roof Rebates” in the upper right-hand corner.

Member Services Committee Update

RCMA Membership Program
RCMA has enjoyed another year of positive member growth and continues to build relationships with new potential members. RCMA’s strong presence at the winter industry trade shows, including the International Builders’ Show, International Roofing Expo, and RCI Trade Show & Convention, as well as new programs like the GHS / HazCom Training Session and VOC webinar, have helped us bring on four new regular members and one new associate member. We look forward to working with these new members, and we hope you’ll join us in welcoming them to the Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association!
- Archway Sales
- American WeatherStar
- Duro-Last Roofing
- National Coatings Corporation
- Progressive Materials

As we look forward to 2014, please continue to share the value of your RCMA membership with other industry contacts. We hope to follow two years of membership growth with another banner year, and continue to add new voices and ideas to the dialogue for the benefit of all members.

RCMA Industry Communications Program
The 2013 communications program continues to help RCMA become increasingly present in the media and grow our position as a technical resource for the industry. This summer, the RCMA Communications Task Force assisted in placing the following articles:

  • Business Construction Canada (May/June) – “Reflecting on Reflectivity,” Joe Mellott, The Garland Company
  • Professional Roofing (August) –  “Everything Old is New Again,” Joe Mellott, The Garland Company

To date, seven press releases highlighting RCMA activities have been drafted and distributed to industry media outlets. A number of industry publications and internet media have picked up our press releases, including Durability + Design, Coatings World, Professional Roofing, Roofing Contractor, Construction Dive, HousingZone, and Building Design + Construction, to name a few.

To become involved in the Communications Task Force and to assist in authoring industry articles, please contact RCMA Communications Coordinator Shawn Richardson.

Associates Corner

Archway Sales and H.B. Fuller announce Elvace® 750 & 757, new VAE Technology for Roof Coatings

Archway Sales, distribution partner and H.B. Fuller Polymers Group, introduce the development of a new VAE copolymer technology for roof coating manufacturers. You can obtain equal performance to straight acrylic systems, with an economical blend using Vinyl Acetate Ethlyene latexes. Elvace® 750, a “green” product, with zero VOC and no formaldehyde, and Elvace® 757, can be a high performance and cost-effective alternative to what you use today.

For more information and to obtain a copy of a research study comparing VAE blends to straight acrylic and styrene/acrylic roof coating systems, please contact us at

2014 International Roof Coatings Conference

July 14-17, 2014
Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Hotel
Baltimore, MD

In partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), the Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association (LRWA), and the Canadian Paint and Coatings Association (CPCA), the Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association (RCMA) is currently extending an invitation for presenter submissions for our second biennial 2014 International Roof Coatings Conference.

Click here to download the Call for Abstracts Submission Form (pdf)
Click here to download the Call for Abstracts Submission Form (word)


RCMA Building Codes Webinar
Tuesday, September 10th
11:00am – 12:30pm ET

Lisam Systems Webinar on GHS Software Packages
Tuesday, September 17th
11:00am – 12:00pm ET

RCMA Fall Meeting
Click Here to Register Today!
Oak Ridge, TN
DoubleTree by Hilton – Oak Ridge
October 8-10

RCMA Annual Meeting
February 24-25
Las Vegas, NV

International Roofing Expo
Las Vegas, NV
Mandalay Bay Convention Center         
February 26-28

Sponsor Spotlight

RCMA relies on our meeting sponsors to help offset the costs of bringing you great programming at our events throughout the year. We would like to take a moment to thank our generous sponsors who helped make this summer’s two events possible:

GHS / HazCom Sponsors

Government Affairs Lobby Day Sponsors

Thank you to all of our sponsors for your continued support of the association!

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