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September 26, 2018
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Statement Regarding 2018 NYS 3-8
ELA and Math Assessment Results
Rochester students continue to make steady progress in NYS English Language Arts (ELA) and math assessments, and the District remains focused on equity for all children.

Every school within the Rochester City School District had gains in performance that show the highest level of proficiency the District has seen in at least five years, noting that 2018 assessments switched from three to two days of testing. 
  • Proficiency in ELA among students in 3rd through 8th grade was 11.4% as compared to 5.0% in 2013.
  • Proficiency in math was 10.7% as compared to 5.0% in 2013.
  • The greatest year-to-year gains for ELA were seen in grades 3 and 6 with an increase of 6.2 percentage points and 8.0 percentage points respectively from 2017 to 2018.
  • The greatest year-to-year gains for math were in grades 3 and 4 with an increase of 4.1 percentage points and 4.2 percentage points respectively from 2017 to 2018.

“The additional reading teachers, math interventionists, social emotional learning supports, and laser-like progress monitoring every five weeks in each school has shown positive results," says Superintendent Barbara Deane-Williams. 

The schools with the greatest increase in ELA performance from the 2018 results are:
  • Frank Fowler Dow School No. 52 had an increase of 10.8 percentage points;
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne School No. 25 had an increase of 10.3 percentage points; and
  • Abraham Lincoln School No. 22 had an increase of 4 percentage points.
The schools with the greatest increase in math performance from the 2018 results are:
  • Children’s School of Rochester No. 15 had an increase of 13.3 percentage points;
  • Henry Lomb School No. 20 had an increase of 10.5 percentage points; and
  • Dr. Walter Cooper Academy School No. 10 had an increase of 10.4 percentage points.

While the results indicate steady improvement, there is still much more work to be done. The District must focus squarely on the implementation of quality curriculum, pedagogy, and social emotional learning supports within strong neighborhood community schools. The District approach must be to accelerate student progress.

“We will disrupt the long-standing patterns of failure by strengthening our collaboration with the City of Rochester and leveraging other strategic partners. Working together with our families and the community, the District will ensure that all Rochester students receive the high-quality schools they deserve, where every child will achieve on grade level and graduate with a college and work ready diploma.” 

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