• Key Updates to Illinois Employee Handbooks for 2023

  • Repair Service Providers and the Labor and Storage Lien (Small Amount) Act

  • Focus...You Need a Core Estate Plan

  • Illinois is Now an "Automatic Revocation" State
Key Updates to Illinois Employee Handbooks for 2023
By Ariel B. Cutts
T: 312.456.0290
All employers should update their employee handbook at least annually to be certain that the handbook complies with new laws. Here are the top updates that every Illinois employer should be making to their employee handbook.
Repair Service Providers and the Labor and Storage Lien
(Small Amount) Act
By Dominic G. Erbacci
T: 847.698.9600
Small business owners servicing customers’ personal property are frequently faced with the dilemma of what do to when a client doesn’t pay the bill. This issue can be more prevalent when the bill is less than $2,000. It often makes little sense to file a lawsuit to recover what is owed considering the time and expense associated with such litigation. Some business owners believe the only alternative is to return the item and take a loss.  
Focus...You Need a Core
Estate Plan
By Paul S. Motin
T: 847.698.9600
Whether there really is little time for doing more, or just a lack of focusing on one’s needs, individuals believe they don’t have time to do their estate planning. Even after starting the process, they often get “busy” and put it on the back-burner. In addition to not wanting to think about their own death, part of the reason for not moving forward is that most people don’t know what estate planning is, or why it’s so important.
Illinois is Now an
"Automatic Revocation" State
By Richard Lee Stavins
T: 312.456.0371
Most people who go through a divorce come out of it exhausted. Often the last recommendation from a competent divorce attorney to his client is: “Now, change the beneficiary of your will, your trust and your life insurance to someone other than the spouse you just divorced.” Good advice, but often not heeded.
RD 2022 Holiday Donations on behalf of
Clients, Partners, and Friends
Dear Clients, Partners, and Friends:

During the 2022 holiday season, Robbins DiMonte, Ltd. was pleased to continue serving the Chicagoland areas through donations to three organizations including the Greater Chicago Food Depository, Cradles to Crayons, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Greater Illinois Chapter. We also were thrilled to contribute our donations on behalf of our clients, partners, and friends in lieu of sending holiday cards and gifts.
Monitordaily Podcast Series Connects with RD
Vincent T. Borst has collaborated with Monitordaily Podcast Series to discuss “The Impact of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine on Equipment Finance." Click below to listen to the full podcast.
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RD Welcomes New Attorney
Joshua L. Harris is a new Senior Associate in the Construction Litigation practice group. Collaborating with RD seasoned shareholders, he handles routine to complex matters nationwide, including construction contract drafting and negotiation, arbitrations, civil trials, mediations, claim preparation, mid-project analysis, among others. Josh represents a myriad of client markets such as owners, architects, design-builders, material suppliers, subcontractors, contractors, construction managers, and sureties. 
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Achievements of Note
Steve Jakubowski
T: 312.456.0191
Cornelius "Con" F. Riordan
T: 312.456.0767
Julia Jensen Smolka
T: 847.698.9600
Steve Jakubowski, Con Riordan, and Julia Smolka were presenters for the Illinois State Bar Association's (ISBA) webinar "Representing Commercial Creditors”. The presentations provided an introductory look at bankruptcy from the creditor’s perspective with a focus on how to analyze the creditor’s position with respect to the automatic stay; the criteria for dismissing a bankruptcy case; how to represent a Chapter 11 client; how divorce and bankruptcy intersect; how a divorce judgment may be a fraudulent transfer; and how to represent creditors in Subchapter V cases. The seminar was hosted by the ISBA Commercial Banking, Collections, and Bankruptcy Section.
Anthony B. Ferraro
T: 847.698.9600

Anthony B. Ferraro was a speaker for IICLE (Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education) 2022 Elder Law Short Course on “Estate Planning for Persons with Diminished Capacities”. Additionally, Anthony was a speaker for the Niles Senior Center, Niles, IL and also Libertyville High School, Libertyville, IL (Adult Continuing Education program) on his 4-part elder law series: "Wills versus Trusts", "Elder Law 101", "Boomers and Seniors: Don’t Go Broke in a Nursing Home" and "Surprise! You have been named Executor and/or Trustee! What Do You Do Now?" The 4-part elder law series will begin again on January 27 hosted by the Frisbie Senior Center, Des Plaines, IL. Click here for more information.

Anthony also was a speaker for The Advocates Society on “Estate Planning Basics and Planning for Seniors.” Additionally, he was selected as a 2023 Illinois Super Lawyer honoree in the practice area of Elder Law. The honor is reserved for lawyers who have exhibited excellence in the practice. Only 5% of the attorneys in Illinois received this distinction. Anthony was also a recipient of the honor in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.
R. Kymn Harp
T: 312.456.0378

R. Kymn Harp will be a speaker for the ISBA webinar “State and Local Government Incentives for Rebuilding Mixed-Use Residential/Commercial Projects” scheduled January 13. He also was a presenter for the ISBA Real Estate Law Section's webinar “Real Estate Law Update 2022: Easement Law Basic”. The webinar focused on topics including transfer on death instruments, easements, and residential new contracts.
Paul A. Motin
T: 847.698.9600

Paul A. Motin was selected as a 2023 Illinois Super Lawyer honoree in the practice area of estate planning and probate. The honor is reserved for lawyers who have exhibited excellence in the practice. Only 5% of attorneys in Illinois receive this distinction. Paul also was a recipient of the honor in 2022, 2021 and 2020.
David P. Resnick
T: 312.456.0376

David P. Resnick was a speaker at the 2022 ICSC+U.S. LAW held October 26-28 in Orlando, FL. For over 50 years, the conference has been the premier event for legal practitioners to connect and obtain relevant content in the Marketplaces Industry.
Cornelius "Con" F. Riordan
 T: 312.456.0767

Cornelius "Con" F. Riordan was a speaker for the ISBA webinar “Biometric Information Privacy Act Claims and Associated Insurance Coverage Issues". Con discussed coverage exclusions and limitations and caselaw developments impacting Illinois law. He also collaborated with Hotel Management Magazine to publish “20 trends in hotel construction”. Click here to read the full article.
Caroline S. Smith
T: 312.456.0380

Caroline S. Smith was a presenter for the Oak Lawn Public Library, Oak Lawn, IL on “Estate Planning & Probate”. Caroline discussed why estate planning is important and what happens if you have no estate plan.
Julia Jensen Smolka
T: 847.698.9600

Julia Jensen Smolka was a speaker and moderator for the ISBA webinar “Bankruptcy Basics: From the Debtor’s Perspective". The program was sponsored by the ISBA Commercial, Banking, and Bankruptcy Section. Julia also was appointed to a two-year term on the Northern District of Illinois Bankruptcy Liaison Committee. The forum represents bankruptcy judges and practitioners who meet to discuss concerns and to set procedures in the local bankruptcy court.
Richard Lee Stavins
T: 312.456.0371

Richard Lee Stavins authored "Keep Fido on a Leash: The Illinois Dog-Bite Rule" for the November/December 2022 Issue of the Chicago Bar Record, a law review publication of the Chicago Bar Association.
Justin L. Weisberg
 T: 312.456.0190

Justin L. Weisberg was a speaker for the ASCE Construction Institute-Illinois Chapter on "Recent Developments in the Law Regarding Alternative Delivery Projects." He also was a presenter for the Annual Meeting of the American College of Real Estate Lawyers, Construction Section on “Differences Between Certain Terms of ConsensusDocs Construction Documents and AIA Construction Documents."
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