Anniversary 1st Edition 2021
Rescue Dogs Rock NYC is 6 years old!

There have been so very many memories, happy endings, and victories thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, supporters, and veterinary partners. Yes, there have been some minor struggles and there has been some loss, but, the victories far outweigh the losses. And the great news is that we will still be here moving strong and committed to saving lives in the new year of 2021!
Help us celebrate and read on for more information!
Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to working with you to save even MORE!

(Clicking the photo below will take you to the GivingGrid fundraiser for our rescue facility. Learn more about our endeavors by clicking below)
Help Open Our New Rescue Center

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RDR NYC has been very busy behind the scenes this past year, preparing and planning for the future of our new facility. We have finally received the architectural rendering which is part of the planning and zoning process for a structure build/remodel. How very exciting! We are preparing to exit the planning stage and move into the remodel/build stage.

We believe that by establishing a permanent structural presence from which to operate, we can develop a larger community presence, provide more community outreach services and education to and for our surrounding local area, and provide short term boarding solutions as our animals in foster move to and from our veterinary specialists in the area. The facility may include training and socialization activities, a location for future adoption events, a home office/base to develop community outreach programs, and to provide a safe, secure environment for adopters to meet with potential new family members as well.

We are a foster based rescue and do not believe in long term boarding. The facility is not intended to house any animal long term, and it does not replace our foster base. We will remain primarily a foster based rescue.
Fostering is one way you can make a difference! Are you looking for someone to enrich your life and give you purpose and a sense of accomplishment? Have you tried to foster a dog in need? Rescue isn't only about saving their lives, it's also about the journey to living successfully in a human world. Be a part of that journey and click the link above to apply!
(NOTE: please apply using a computer or laptop rather than a phone or tablet)
We have two main types of donors: Those that donate a set amount as a recurring payment, and those that donate towards a specific animal. We publicly fundraise and ask for help for only the most severe cases.

Your tax deductible donation covers expenses such as medical bills, transportation and operating expenses. Sadly, at times, there are losses and for funds collected the existing vet bill for that animal is paid and anything left over applied to the next rescued animal.

Our promise to you is that we will always spend your donation in a responsible manner.
*1448 dogs and cats were marked adopted in our database in the year 2020.
From 3/1/2015 to 4/7/2021 we have logged 7714 animals rescued by our organization! That was made possible by the phenomenal teamwork of our volunteers working in collaboration with YOU as fosters, adopters, supporters, donors and volunteers! It takes a village, indeed!

*You don't have to live in New York to volunteer, transport, foster, or adopt. Our foster base is anywhere along the east coast from South Carolina to Maine! We could also use some fosters in middle and northern Georgia and across Texas as well as the Northeastern US. Fill out a volunteer or foster application at our website: .

*Growth Stats:
  • - from 3/1/2015 ---- 3/31/2016: 1072 animals rescued
  • - from 4/1/2016 ----3/31/2017: 1179 animals rescued
  • - from 4/1/2017 ----3/31/2018: 1373 animals rescued
  • - from 4/1/2018 ----3/31/2019: 1267 animals rescued
  • - from 4/1/2019 ----3/31/2020: 1325 animals rescued
  • - from 4/1/2020 ----3/31/2021: 1471 animals rescued
- from 4/1/2021 ---- 4/7/2021 27 animals rescued
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Rescue Dogs Rock NYC - Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

"Save a life by adopting instead of shopping" Rescue Dogs Rock is a not for profit animal rescue founded in 2015. We exist solely on donations and rely primarily on fundraising to help animals in need. Our goal is to save abused & at risk dogs...

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Dewey had been found abandoned on the side of the road. He had been reported for several days laying in the bushes and waiting for his 'owners' to return. We brought him into rescue, giving him the medical attention he required, and he has been with foster ever since.

We would like to find Dewey a wonderful forever home where he can be happy, loved, live life to the fullest, and enjoy a family of his own.

Dewey is a little over 4 years old, and weighs about 50 pounds. He likes people, kids, other dogs, (no cats please!) and loves to snuggle. He is up to date on vaccines and has been altered.

This sensitive low rider certainly did not deserve to be thrown away as if he didn't matter! Please help us to find a home for Dewey! If you would like to apply to adopt him click the red button below and it will take you to our website where you may fill out an application.
We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed our first edition newsletter. Thank you for your continued support, RDR Warriors and Angels. A special thank you to the RDR teams of volunteers for without them, there would certainly be many more animals still in need of loving homes. With over 7 thousand adoptions to date, think of all of the beautiful smiles and glorious memories you have given to others!
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