NOV 20, 2015
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Here's wishing you a Thanksgiving full of Fun, Love, Tradition, Gratitude, and Togetherness. Thank you for making this a great place to live! 
Consider putting your AZ Tax Credit  Money to Work 
in your Neighborhood
at the International School of Tucson   Individuals may allocate up to $517 and a married couple can allocate up to $1034. 
You are probably familiar with the concept of the Arizona State Tax Credit Program, which allows individuals to support a school and receive a credit off their taxes. You can direct money to support a school and have that money taken directly off your personal tax payment. In effect you are choosing to allocate your tax dollars to education. 

Consider allocating your tax money this year to the International School of Tucson (IST). The mission of IST is to teach children to be global citizens and appreciate a multi-cultural world.  IST is attracting more families every year and it is becoming a model for multi-cultural, bilingual education in our community.

As an individual you can allocate up to $517 of your tax money to IST, and as a married couple you can allocate up to $1034. When you make a donation, you may choose to allocate your donation to the school in general.  In this way, your support gives the school the ability to offer more scholarships and to have more unrestricted funding for operational needs. IST will thus be able to continue its mission of providing an excellent international education for its students. You may make your allocation online ( or by check - just be sure to do so before April 15th!

ON-LINE: Please click here to provide your Scholarship support online. Any amount is helpful. Remember to recommend IST.

BY MAIL:  Click here to download a form to mail in with your check. You will need to hand write in "The International School of Tucson" on the form before mailing it in.

In both cases you will receive a receipt from EBT.
(Amy-Hartman Gordon, IST)
TPD partners with Jefferson Park 
Loud Parties and Red Tags will be reported to UofA 
Description of procedures for reporting an unruly gathering
     The Jefferson Park information flyer about reporting loud parties/unruly gatherings is   here.    Tucson Police Dept 
Westside Division reviewed the flyer
  November 2015.  It is an accurate representation  of the law and of reporting procedures you should follow.
     Every month TPD Westside division will be forwarding all the exact addresses to which officers were dispatched for unruly gatherings.  A JPNA committee is tracking these and sharing with the U of A which has requested the information. 
     It is hoped this partnership will assist with tracking statistics, helping students modify unlawful  behavior, and preventing any escalation of unruly gatherings.

The most recent 80 Crime Incidents are available on the  web-site. 
Click the link for Crime Incidents (left column).  Select Jefferson Park. 
The list includes all incidents to which a squad car responded.                 J. Daniels
Park Avenue Enhancement on Schedule
Construction begins April 2016
Gary Wittwer, project manager for the Park Avenue Enhancement reports, " We are still within our estimate of going to construction in April 2016 ." The project, from Speedway to Ft.Lowell will include bikeways and walking paths.
along the Grant Road "Central Segments" 
     Recently, an intrepid Kettle Corn  entrepreneur  set up shop on one of the leveled parcels on Grant Road.  Can they do that neighbors wondered? ...imagining a circus of vendors appearing. 
     The city reports that they would not issue any vendor permits for residential properties. Of course!  All the parcels along Grant Road "central segments" (that's Jefferson Park) are R-1 or NR-1 (Neighborhood Preservation Zone).   If any vendors show up, they will not have permits, and you may call:   Chris Leighton  Program Coordinator   837-6625,  Project Engineer Beth Abramovitz at  837-6656, or the Ward III office at 791-4711 who will send officers out to explain the zoning.
Grant Road "Central Segments" Coalition Meeting
December 8, 10 am, Ward III Office
     Jefferson Park is part of the "Central Segments" and is special.  The central segments are exempt from any zoning overlays.  R-1 and NR-1 (Neighborhood preservation) will remain where they exist now.  No commercial zoning will occur in Jeff Park residential area.
     Neighbors from JP, SAMOS, Catalina Vista, discuss information about the Grant Road Project as it affects their neighborhoods.  All interested neighbors are invited to attend.
Jefferson Park Neighborhood Assn is Incorporated
Jefferson Park Neighborhood has officially incorporated.  What does this mean? The neighborhood is listed with the AZ Corporation Commission.  It is protected under the state statutes as a corporation. Language in the JPNA by-laws will be changed to reflect its incorporation at the annual meeting.
City Code Violations in Jefferson Park  code violations such as weeds, garbage, abandoned vehicles, etc.
A site listing all the neighborhoods in Tucson, and  important things effecting them.
Police Incident reports for Jefferson Park  the 80 most recent incidents are reported here.
City web-site with plans and meeting dates.
GRANT RD Central Segments Coalition website
visit for updates,maps, frequently asked questions, city contacts etc.
Useful Phone Numbers
Wednesday,  November 25
6:00 pm - Ward III Office
all welcome!
December meeting cancelled 
so we can enjoy the holidays!

Election of Officers
Amendment to By-Laws
Pizza and Hot Cider
6:00 pm- Ward III Office
December/November meeting cancelled for the holidays.

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