Ending 2021 with Accomplishment!
The holiday season is upon us!

Once Halloween hits, it seems we are full steam ahead. Now, the big debate is whether or not folks are decorating for Christmas already. Are you?!?!

But, even though the end of the year is upon us, don't worry...we still have time to at least close out your Estate Plan for 2021!

You may feel better knowing that when we plan for you, we try to think of EVERYTHING! I admit, I am a much better "estate planner" than one that buys gifts and decorates for the holidays. Wish I could be good at all of it, but alas, I will settle for estate planning.

As part of our goal to help you receive complete plans and full protection, we came up with three sets of wallet cards which have been a big hit! In an emergency, it is really necessary that others know what document you have. It is also crucial to easily identify all your family members, especially if your family members are being driven by others. For instance, if your children participate in a carpool to sports practice, it's nice to know that the police could easily identify them in the case of a small car accident.

Give yourself an early present this holiday season, and another thing to be grateful for come Thanksgiving by doing some "peace of mind" planning for your family.

Too busy? Check out our FAST TRACK PLAN below!

Feel free to schedule a call on our calendar if I can be a resource to you in any way. And...if you know a personal shopper for gift-giving, send him/her my way. I need all of the help that I can get!
Ask About Our Fast Track Plan!
Check out our FAST TRACK PLAN.

Step 1: Reply here to tell us a little bit about your family and needs.

Step 2: We will suggest a plan (we have three) for you and tell you the fees/costs.

Step 3: Reply with "APPROVED."

Step 4: Receive your finished documents!

If you want to do your planning, but just cannot find the time, let us help you out by getting on the FAST TRACK!

Why Do You Need An Estate Plan?
Other than getting to meet Steve, our office dog, the reasons why you want to put future planning into place will differ from others. Think about your future and contemplate what concerns you have. 

Potential reasons include planning for a future disability, avoiding probate, having children to protect, or avoiding having others “clean up your mess.” 
Why Do You Need A Trust?
Trusts aren't for everyone. A "cookie-cutter" approach won't work when it comes to protecting your hard-earned money, your family, and your business assets. Many people choose trusts to keep their families out of Court and free from conflict in the event of a death or incapacity. However, there are other ways we can accomplish that too!
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