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JANUARY 2022 Newsletter


Happy New Year everyone, It's time for our January Newsletter!


Meet our Project Coordinator Emani!


Hi Everyone,

I am Emani Miller, currently a first time stay at home mama and new Project Coordinator for Mighty Little Giants! My family and I recently relocated back to good ol' Palmdale from the San Fernando Valley to be closer to family. I have a 9 month old son and a husband of three years. I am so excited to cultivate new relationships and to walk into this new space and submerge myself within this exciting world of helping NICU mamas, babies and families! 

If you have any inquiries regarding MLG, feel free to reach me at: Support@mightylittlegiants.org!


Meet Our Virtual Support Group Facilitators

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Talor is an aunt and cousin/aunt of two toddlers who have opened her eyes even more to motherhood and the beauty of birth. At the age of 14, Talor was diagnosed with PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome), leaving her feeling scared and unsure about her physical abilities to provide for children.

Her determination to understand her own body sparked a curiosity to want to understand even more about women’s health, herbalism and becoming a doula. After graduating from the University of Southern California with her Masters in Social Work, she began obtaining her hours in community mental health. Talor quickly recognized that she did not want to continue with community mental health. This realization re-ignited her passion for women’s health both within mental health and the doula setting.

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As a single mother by choice of a child born premature, Ginette has an insider's understanding of navigating the NICU and advocating for a child.  She is passionate about supporting mothers, specifically mothers navigating the health care system. 


Ginette offers a nurturing and humorous approach and knows that having support is vital. She also provides an LGBTQIA affirmative, inclusive safe space for you to explore you. Ginette works to empower you as you navigate life transitions inside and outside of the NICU. She also believes in the intersection of psychotherapy and social change, and see the impact of intergenerational trauma, especially on BIPOC psyches and bodies.

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Ebony is a holistic fertility and birth doula, fertility coach, lactation education specialist, certified peer support specialist with a specialty in maternal health and registered nurse by profession.

Ebony is the founder of In Harmony & Health Fertility, Birth, and Wellness a wellness care company with a holistic approach to conception and birth that focuses on healthy pregnancies for healthy families. Nurse Eb focuses on sexual health as the catalyst for optimal conception and birth outcomes. She has a passion for educating families of color and those disproportionately affected by racial disparities in healthcare.

Mighty Little Giants Virtual Support Groups

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Your True Self NICU Support

Learn how to stay connected to your TRUE SELF as you navigate the NICU with TrueSelf Doula Talor. Our True Self Support group will be via zoom on January 10th at 4:00pm. Listen in from the car, hospital, home or at work!

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Navigating the NICU

Join NICU with NICU Mom & Associate Marriage and Family Therapist Ginette. Having a child in the NICU effects the entire family unit. Learn how to navigate the NICU on January 19th at 12:00noon via zoom. Listen in from the car, hospital home or at work!

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First Fridays with Nurse Eb!

Join NICU Nurse & Holistic Fertility Doula Eb

Every FIRST FRIDAY! Join us on February 4th at 11:00am via zoom to Learn all about the importance of Internal healing after preterm birth, and how to heal mentally and physically after trauma. Listen in from the car, hospital home or at work!

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FREE NICU Postpartum Doula Support

Do you currently have a baby in the NICU, or have recently discharged in need of support? Mighty Little Giants is providing FREE NICU Doula support for moms residing in the Riverside and Los Angeles Counties.

Please view our website to learn more about our doula program.

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Current MLG Programs

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"When I love you, I love me."

Mighty Little Giants was featured on 

www.BlackInfantsandFamilies.org The “Dear Baby…When I Love You, I Love Me” video series was created for such a purpose

CommUNITY Updates

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