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and       News-September 1, 2016
          Our City Park                                 Ducks in Dry Dock               
(photos by Klem of IST and J. Hall)
ist sign
Ducks await another gully washer.Race aficionados were out of town on the last downpour. The ducks never-the-less anxiously await their next opportunity.   


Next meeting of the Neighborhood Assn,  September 28, 6pm, Ward III Meeting Rm
Next meeting of the Friends of Jefferson Park, September 26, 6pm, Ward III Meeting Rm       
All welcome!
Park Avenue Enhancement Meeting for your Questions
Thursday, October 13, 6pm, Ward III 
      Neighbors have expressed concerns about the now completed Park Avenue Enhancement Project. In 2008, five neighborhoods; Feldmans, Jefferson Park, Mountain/First, Hedrick Acres, and North University wrote a grant sponsored by the City of Tucson. It was specifically for "provision of facilities for pedestrian and bicyclists, and landscaping and other scenic beautification".
     The project manager, Gary Wittwer, will be meeting with the contiguous neighborhoods Thursday, October 13, 6 pm, Ward III, 1510 E Grant .  Neighbors can visit to see the Summary of the 2008 proposal, the cost bid sheet, and early images of the proposed project  posted under the "projects" tab for Park Avenue Enhancement Project.                       
More upgrades to IST from Banner
(J. Daniels)
Beautification and repairs are still underway at the International School.  September 17, a group from Banner will install raised beds in the garden and on Oct 18 (possibly and Oct 25) they will remove the existing deteriorated rubberized floor under the large play gym and replace it with an 11" bed of wood chips.  These improvements benefit the school as well as the entire neighborhood as the playground is a City Park after school hours. 
Can you spare some time?  Lend a Hand
(Alan Adler, Lend a Hand)
Dear Jefferson Parkers
       I am both the co-President as well as your representative to the Board of Lend A Hand Senior Assistance, Inc. (LAH), which is a 10-year old non-profit group serving seniors in more than 13 neighborhoods in central Tucson. The area in which the seniors live is approximately between 1st Avenue and Country Club and between Speedway and the River. Of these neighborhoods, Jefferson Park is by far the largest in terms of both area and population. At the moment LAH serves 15 seniors (1/10 of the total served) who reside in Jefferson Park. But including myself there are only 6 volunteers from Jefferson Park.
       If you volunteer for LAH, there are absolutely no requirements for the amount of time you have to participate. You can choose from the following services, and you will be emailed every time a relevant activity is scheduled; whether you chose to participate at any given time is up to you.
*  Delivering Produce on 2 Saturday mornings per month (1.5 hours);
*  Transportation 6 days a week (varies from 1 - 3 hours)
*  Senior Canteen once a month (driving less than 1 hour)
*  Delivering food from the local Food Bank once a month (1.5 hours)
*  Writing Group once a week (driving less than 1 hour)
*  Making phone calls to check-in with seniors (as much as you want)
*  Visiting seniors (as much as you want)
*  Running errands (Time varies depending on the errands)
*  Simple Home Repairs/Accessibility Modifications (Time varies depending on the project)
*  Yard Work (Time varies depending on the project)
*  Housekeeping (Time varies depending on the project)
*  Administrative Telephoning/Surveying/Computer Entry (Time varies depending on the project)
       If our local government or our state government provided these social services, I would not be asking for your help.  If there weren't so many seniors who needed these services, I wouldn't be asking for your help. If volunteers, didn't themselves become people who need these services, I wouldn't be asking for your help. And if I could do more myself I wouldn't be asking for your help.  And unless you volunteer, an institution, like Lend A Hand, will not exist in the future.
Contact Coordinator Michelle Brubaker at (520) 248-6882 or 
(A. Adler)
Homeownership Expo - Jefferson Park will be there
(excerpted from the fantastice Garden District E-news)
August 26, 2016

"The UA Police Department will soon partner up with the Tucson Police Department to work with their recently formed Red Tag unit, which works with citations for unruly gatherings. Beginning Saturday, UAPD officers will ride with TPD officers every Saturday for calls of unruly gatherings off-campus where UA students are believed to be present, according to UAPD Public Information Officer Rene Hernandez. When students are cited with unruly gatherings, the Dean of Students Office will be notified and disciplinary action may follow.  "We want to make sure that our students are being upstanding citizens and really represent the UA in a good manner with their names in the community," Hernandez said."...

"If [UAPD] can get a handle on what it is that is the problem out here on our end, they may be able to offer some resolutions or solutions for dealing with it or curbing some of the issues," Burnett (TPD officer) said. "It's not the case that anybody thinks that when you're in college you should never be able to go to a party or have a good time or gather with friends, that's not the issue. The issue is just when those gatherings get to the level where it's disturbing other people."...

TPD officer "Burnett said, while the work of UAPD officers with TPD officers will mostly be concentrated in the area around campus, TPD's Red Tag unit works throughout the city of Tucson, as unruly gatherings happen everywhere.  "It really is a quality-of-life issue for those people that live in those neighborhoods where either they're constantly having problems or maybe they have just one particular neighbor," Burnett said. "It's not necessarily just a college issue."

Though red tags happen all over the city, they are now monitored within a centralized unit of TPD - the Red Tag unit, which was formed several months ago.
TPD used to track red tags by their division, with each division using their own system. Now, the tracking and enforcing of red tags is done within one central unit "for consistency's sake," Burnett said.
Burnett said neighborhoods affected by red tag incidents appreciate the enforcement of these tags.
... The minimum charge for a first offense is $500, with charges increasing if there are additional violations in that residence during its 180-day period.

Hernandez said he thinks UAPD's work with TPD on red tags will be positive and will let students know that they want them to be good neighbors. "                                               (Excerpted from AZ WildCat News)
October 29th at the International School
Sabaku T-shirt sale in gymnasium - Treasures Sale Outside
The neighborhood has bee weighing in on a list of improvements to the neighborhood such as: neighborhood entrance signs, more green infrastructure, little free libraries, annotated bike trails, message kiosks, etc. So much to do!!!! 
Four Home Tours and last year's T-shirt sale has given Jefferson Park its historic status, street signs indicating historic status, supported our Lend a Hand program, paid for this e-news and neighborhood web-site and more. The   Friends of Jefferson Park non-profit  and the Ft Lowell Neighborhood Live at Home Program will receive a percentage of the T-shirt sale in October. Last year t he neighborhood tables netted about $1000 (we keep 100% of those sales).  This year we would like to expand our tables to an upscale flea market. In addition to donations we need reliable cashiers who can use their phones for pay pal (we set you up). See below for contact info to help.         (J. Daniels)
Refurbished bentwood chairs with Mimbres designs. Two are child-sized and one adult. They are quite elegant and ready for the Oct flea market at IST.  More chair photos next edition. What's in your closet? Art, antiques... 
You know there is a treasure in every storage shed in JP, just waiting to be donated to our upscale Flea Market!

Help our fundraiser-- ..."One man's treasure..."
Send Pictures of your donations! Double S-curved bentwoods with caned seats waiting for the market.  Send pics of your donations to or text to 520-300-1980.
 Sept 27 Tuesday
6:00 pm * Ward 3 Office
All neighbors are welcome to attend.  If you value what the Coalition is doing please sign the support form on the website. 
The coalition has formed a subcommittee looking at "centers"-i.e. the intersections of Grant/Campbell, Grant/First, Grant/Tucson Blvd.  These intersections can be neighborhood and business friendly nodes with careful planning. Thank you to all who are serving on that committee.
The City has compiled the most frequently asked questions by neighbors. To see a pdf,  click here.  Lots of good information.
Keeping JP Green and Clean - Thanks neighbors!
Third Saturday Morning of the Month,  6-8am, meet at Edison Plaza
All help greatly appreciated!
TREES FOR NORTH SOUTH RIGHT OF WAYS -If you are a homeowner whose property borders a north/south street, the Green Committee would like to plant trees in your access way.  You must give your permission and promise to water them while they are babies. $5 per tree from Trees for Tucson.  
Call Joan Hall 990-8054, or e-mail .           (J. Hall)
Transportation Concerns..
HOW TO REPORT TRANSPORTATION CONCERNS - Is there a pothole you'd like to see fixed? Is a street sign missing? Is a tree limb hanging too close over a roadway or sidewalk? You can report these issues to the Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT), (520) 791-3154, or email the exact location to
Tucson Department of Transportation: 

A website for Neighborhoods
Crime Stats and  Code Violations listed by neighborhood
What is a code violation...?
What is a code violation...and whom do I call? Click here for a downloadable information sheet approved by the City Code Enforcement Division.
A site listing all the neighborhoods in Tucson, and important things affecting them.
City Code Violations in Jefferson Park  C ode violations such as weeds, garbage, abandoned vehicles, etc.
Police Incident reports for Jefferson Park  the 80 most recent incidents are reported here.
HELP TUCSON GET A GRIP ON GRAFFITI - The swift reporting and abatement of graffiti discourages future vandalism, so when you see graffiti report it immediately. Graffiti Protective Coatings and the City of Tucson have a smartphone application for reporting graffiti. MyTucson is a free download on the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android. You can also report graffiti by emailing, or calling (520)792-2489 and choosing option 1. 
City of Tucson apps:
Watch a University of Arizona PSA about the app:
City web-site with plans and meeting dates.
October 29th at the International School
Sabaku T-shirt sale in gymnasium 
Flea Market Treasures Sale Outside
OCTOBER 29 - 9 am
Seconds, Overruns, great bargains!
Sabaku T-shirts, a Tucson original, works with two neighborhoods to bring a wonderful fundraiser.
It's that time of year again!  Take a chance and help your neighborhood. You can't win if you don't play.
Once again, the Friends of Jefferson Park, Inc. are selling chances on the Jim Click raffle.  This year a 2016 Ford Mustang! Twenty-five dollars apiece, or five tickets for $100.00.  There were only 4,300 of these cars made.  The drawing is December 2016.  One hundred percent of the ticket sales benefit the neighborhood projects. 
If you wish to buy or can sell some of the tickets:
Area # 5 Joanne  Osuna, 798-3602 
Area #  1 Jeanne Calhoun, 293-2246 
Area #  6 Louie Werthmuller, 390-9044     
Area #2 Joan Daniels, 300-1980
CONSTRUCTION UPDATES:   To learn about construction updates on the University campus go to:
Banner University Medical Center Tucson Campus also has a web-site for the hospital expansion project:
Their emergency 24/7 phone number for the Banner project construction team is: (520) 268-9575
U of A -  Good Neighbor Program
24 hr hot line -  520-282-3649
Report problems 
To sign up for the neighborhood list serve:
send a blank email to
 or send a request for an invitation to

6:00 pm, 
Ward III office 
1 510 E. Grant Rd 
Renew your voluntary membership of $15.   Membership form
Pay dues on-line with paypal. Click   
Suspended until September 26
Area #1 - Jeanne Calhoun
Area #5 - Chad Lehrman
Area #6 - Chad Waits
Joan Daniels, co-editor                                   Joanne Osuna, co-editor
jdchama@msn.com3 23-2165             , 798-3602