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and       News-August 5, 2016
Great Gathering-Jefferson Park Quarterly Meeting
(photos by J. Hall)
Many neighbors shared Santa Barbara ice cream and good company Wednesday evening, even as the winds began to mount.  All stayed for the meeting after and learned about new red tagging procedures etc.   

Lisa, Judy, Suzanne: Quarterly meeting committee--Thank you for your work!

Quarterly meetings get people together for neighborhood updates.
Next regular meeting of the Neighborhood Assn, August 24, 6pm, Ward III meeting Room
All welcome!
Thank You, Banner, Sundt/DPR Construction Managers/General Contractors and American Fence
International School Playground is Looking Better!!
(photos by M. Ostrand)
New Benches
Fencing Protection
Shade Structure Stabilized
Our neighborhood public playground is getting a face lift!  Thanks to the cooperative efforts of Tucson Parks and Recreation, TUSD, and the Tucson International School, arrangements were made for Banner and its cooperative contractors to make some upgrades to the playground.  The signs declaring the space as a public park (after school hours) will be installed by Parks and Recreation.  Banner's generosity will also extend to repairing the "drop" floor under the large play equipment.  This project is one of the community service projects Banner has undertaken for its adjacent neighborhoods. Thank you Banner.                   (J. Daniels)
Nine Years in the Life of a Traffic Circle
(Photos J.Daniels and J. Soto)
2010 Installation
2016 Destruction
2016 Reparation
     So many neighbors have labored so long for these little traffic circles.  Circa 2007, submitting the  Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant, 2009 neighbor,Jesse Byrd, and and three grad students in Landscape Architecture submitting design options for the art, 2010  TPAC approving, 2010 neighbor Blacksmith, Jerry Harris creating the metal designs and finally installing them with the help of neighbor volunteers.  The first demolition was sustained a couple years ago and neighbors reinstalled art.  The next demolition,  Feb 2016, a young woman drove into the circle, downing two panels and doing in two mature cacti.  Neighbor, Bob, rescued the art while we alerted the city to the damage.  Last week, the city reinstalled the panels, and will bring new plants.   Thank you, Jesse Soto, and Tucson Department of Transportation
    Also thanks to the several neighbors who water and maintain each of the four traffic circles, to Joanne who replaces the "sparkles" in the triangles at Fremont and Edison, and to Bob for rescuing the art two times.                                                         (J. Daniels)
Grant Road"Central Segments" Coalition  
Neighborhoods working with the City for a Better Corridor
(Photos J.Osuna)

Bam Miller, of SAMOS neighborhood, chairs meeting.  Five adjacent neighborhoods send representatives!
Rebecca Ruopp of Tucson Planning And Development, and consultant Keri Silvyn discuss latest  processes for Grant Road.
Joan Hall, forever our diligent scribe, keeps minutes to post to the neighbors' coalition website
Next Meeting of the Grant Road Coalition, August 23, 6pm, WARD III 
Everyone Welcome!
Keeping JP Green and Clean - Thanks neighbors!
(photos by J. Halll and J. Osuna
Third Saturday Morning of the Month,  6-8am, meet at Edison Plaza
All help greatly appreciated!

Bufflegrass near Edison Plaza

Bufflegrass near Edison Plaza

Tree planting on the north/ south right of ways

Construction on the towers begins and two cranes will hover overhead foor awhile:
Some facts about the crane:
-         It is a Manitowoc 2250 series 3 crawler crane
-         It is being delivered on 15-18 trucks from Phoenix
-         It will take 2-3 days to be assembled with the counter weights
-         It will weigh 703,000 lbs with the counter weights
-         The crane body is 36'x27' with a 200' main boom and 160' jib
-         It has a maximum ground speed of 1.0mph
-         It has a 300 ton lifting capacity
-         There will be two of these cranes erecting the steel for the project (the second one is coming from CA)
(Thank you Stephen Brigham, Banner)
CITY OPENS SANDBAG DISTRIBUTION SITE FOR FLOOD CONTROL PURPOSES -  The City of Tucson has started a pilot program to assist residents with property protection from potential flooding due to monsoon storms. A sandbag distribution site has been established at Tucson Fire Department Station 7, 4902 E. Pima Street. The sandbag location is self-serve and limited to 10 bags per person to accommodate as many residents as possible. The pre-filled sandbags are stacked on the west side of Station 7 and the public should use Arcadia Avenue to access the distribution site. It is very important that motorists not block driveway access to the fire station. City staff will not be available to assist residents with loading. Members of the public are being asked to take only what they need to protect their property.
Read the news release:                               (
Thank you Garden District E-news)
Up to $20,000 assistance to Home Buyers
There is more info on our homepage - click on HOME OWNERSHIP ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS FOR JP (right hand column).

"...this amazing loan program provides up to 20% or $20,000  to homebuyers who make under 92k annually, buying within the City of Tucson, and plan to owner-occupy for five years or more.  (the down payment/closing cost assistance is a "silent" second, no interest, no payments, and fully forgiven at the 5th year).   T here is very little time left, as the monies have been going quickly!   The money is earmarked for the buyer as soon as a contract is signed, and the home can be up to 375k, purchase price.  Major brokers are participating (VIP mortgage, Nova Homeloans, Sunstreet...) but credit unions are not.    Spread the word! "  Home ownership helps stabilize neighborhoods.                                                             (Thank you Susan Dennis,J.Hall)
New Red Tag Procedures     **     Ducks are Ready!
 2016 contestants awaiting rains. 
 Tucson Police Department is revisiting its processes and procedures for handling unruly gatherings.  When a property is tagged, both the home owner and the tenant will receive notice of the tag.  In the recent past only tenants received notice.  UA will be more alert about red tags received by students.  See the recent brochure to be mailed to all resident by TPD in the near future.  Also the link to the exact procedures for calling in a Lo ud Party report
Thanks to our sponsors:   Prizes:
Registration is closed.  One hundred thirty-nine ducks are registered.  The race is pending availability of rain and race officials!
Tucson Parks and Recreation's Activity Guide for fall 2016 is available online at the link below and at all Parks and Recreation facilities, including administration offices, recreation centers, pools, and many local libraries. The Activity Guide contains information on leisure classes, KIDCO, aquatics, sports programs, registration, and the Discount Program. Registration will open July 16 for city residents and July 19 for non-city residents. For questions, please call Registration Services at (520) 791-4877. 
View guide and register for classes:
Tucson Parks and Recreation:
If you are a homeowner whose property borders a north/south street, the Green Committee would like to plant trees in your access way.  You must give your permission and promise to water them while they are babies. $5 per tree from Trees for Tucson.  
Call Joan Hall 990-8054, or e-mail .   
(J. Hall)
 August 23 Tuesday
6:00 pm * Ward 3 Office
All neighbors are welcome to attend.  If you value what the Coalition is doing please sign the support form on the website. 
The City has compiled the most frequently asked questions by neighbors.  To see a pdf
click here.  Lots of good information.
* Canteen *   Driving seniors *    Grant writing *  Yard work *  Home repairs (like ramps!)
* Website maintenance/data entry *  Recruiting volunteers *  Board members
* Soliciting donations/yard sales
Can you leverage your skills to help seniors for a few hours a week? Contact Coordinator Michelle Brubaker at  (520) 248-6882 or
See full descriptions of process and contact information at: 
A website for Neighborhoods
Crime Stats and  Code Violations listed by neighborhood
What is a code violation...?
What is a code violation...and whom do I call? Click here for a downloadable information sheet approved by the City Code Enforcement Division.
A site listing all the neighborhoods in Tucson, and important things affecting them.
City Code Violations in Jefferson Park  C ode violations such as weeds, garbage, abandoned vehicles, etc.
Police Incident reports for Jefferson Park  the 80 most recent incidents are reported here.
HELP TUCSON GET A GRIP ON GRAFFITI - The swift reporting and abatement of graffiti discourages future vandalism, so when you see graffiti report it immediately. Graffiti Protective Coatings and the City of Tucson have a smartphone application for reporting graffiti. MyTucson is a free download on the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android. You can also report graffiti by emailing, or calling (520)792-2489 and choosing option 1. 
City of Tucson apps:
Watch a University of Arizona PSA about the app:
City web-site with plans and meeting dates.
It's that time of year again!  Take a chance and help your neighborhood. You can't win if you don't play.
Once again, the Friends of Jefferson Park, Inc. are selling chances on the Jim Click raffle.  This year a 2016 Ford Mustang! Twenty-five dollars apiece, or five tickets for $100.00.  There were only 4,300 of these cars made.  The drawing is December 2016.  One hundred percent of the ticket sales benefit the neighborhood projects. 
If you wish to buy or can sell some of the tickets:
Area # 5 Joanne  Osuna, 798-3602 
Area #  1 Jeanne Calhoun, 293-2246 
Area #  6 Louie Werthmuller, 390-9044     
Area #2 Joan Daniels, 300-1980
CONSTRUCTION UPDATES:   To learn about construction updates on the University campus go to:
Banner University Medical Center Tucson Campus also has a web-site for the hospital expansion project:
Their emergency 24/7 phone number for the Banner project construction team is: (520) 268-9575
U of A -  Good Neighbor Program
24 hr hot line -  520-282-3649
Report problems 
To sign up for the neighborhood list serve:
send a blank email to
 or send a request for an invitation to

6:00 pm, 
Ward III office 
1 510 E. Grant Rd 
Renew your voluntary membership of $15.   Membership form
Pay dues on-line with paypal. Click   
Suspended until September 26
Area #1 - Jeanne Calhoun
Area #5 - Chad Lehrman
Area #6 - Chad Waits
Joan Daniels, co-editor                                   Joanne Osuna, co-editor
jdchama@msn.com3 23-2165             , 798-3602